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Release notes


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Window98 Compatibility restored


Changed memory reporting code to support Windows98. There are NO other changes. 12.15 users should keep that version. Iíll probably remove the memory reporting since the older method does not report memory over 4GB.




Vista and Win7 Compatible Help File + Strife 3D editing


1. Changed code to support .CHM help files. These work in all versions of Windows. Older systems(95/98) may require newer IE downloads. This eliminates the need for the "robo" support DLL>


2. STRIFE levels can now be edited in R3Dedit.


Some more changes to come as time permits.


All registered users of 12.13 and above get free upgrades.





More 3D editing Tools including HERETIC and HEXEN texture editing, plus Vista and Windows 7 specific enhancements


1. R3Dedit 3D editing new ability to not only Add new Things in 3D mode, but also Delete existing and added Things. This is only supported with this version of DeePsea.


2. 3D New Copy, Paste and Reset commands to undo changes globally within 3D mode.


3. New screen options for 3D testing in DeePsea


4. Fixed Vista and Windows 7 font size and popup size issues so the popup dialogs now track properly all the time, plus removed a font that is no longer distributed with the newer systems. If thereís a desktop combo that does not track properly, please let me know.


5. Main Window positioning fixes when the task bar is not on the bottom


6. Tool bar position fixes for Vista and Windows 7.


7. PNG fix for odd sizes in DeePsea and also 3D display of PNG sprites


8. PNG textures use a new option in F5 Options, that determines the color accuracy of the translation to the DOOM palette Ė limited of course to the colors available in same.


9. Instructions for how to enable the help system on Vista and Windows 7 with links to Microsoft pages will automatically fix your system for not only DeePsea but any other program that uses the Win32 help system.


10. Support for editing HERETIC and HEXEN PWADS using the appropriate IWADS. No Things are currently supported, but someday will add that too.


11. Simplified the customizable toolbars a bit by removing the right side and bottom toolbar location options.


12. Sound on some Vista/Windows 7 systems tended to stack and keep going even after you stopped moving the cursor. Now each sound is forced to end before a new selection sound is played.



12.12 12.06

Lotsa Stuff


1. Enhanced R3Dedit ingame Thing editing. Press T to toggle 3D Thing editing mode. You can now change the location, height* and angle of objects in 3D mode, making it very easy to create that final touch for objects. Both sprites and models are supported. Note*: Height editing is only supported for Doom HEXEN format levels.


2. New Thing special editing in 3D mode. You can change the type of Thing instantly in a level and see what looks best. Most decorate items are available (all if you customize your OPT file) and you can change any object to a dynamic light.


3. New 3D editing option to preview lights in a level while you are in 3D edit mode. This lets you preview how lights both user and predefined will look in a GL enabled port as you move them around. R3Dedit uses the RGB values in the line special for the light color. The other lights (lamps, etc) are predefined in the DED files.


4. New 3D editing options with variations for determining missing textures so that when you change sector heights, no HOM appears. The Complete Option works for most areas, especially for slope types that have missing textures. Partial Mode adds fewer missing textures. However, in pure editing mode there can be some other display artififacts because of compromises that have to made in 3D editing. Play Mode enables transfer specials to more accurately show the level in edit mode as it appears while playing. Use Play Mode for final texture alignments if thatís the case.


5. New 3D editing full bright command. Press F11 in R3Dedit and the level appears fullbright. Use this for areas that are too dark to clearly see the textures for alignment purposes. Press F11 again to go back to the actual light levels.


6. All 3D options now get applied at the same time making it easier than ever to change and test.


7. New Option to use R3Dglbsp when testing a level. See same link as below.


8. To make it easy for anyone to see how the 3D editing works and looks, the shareware version can now preview any size level in 3D editing mode so long as you do not make any changes to the level. The registered version has no restrictions.


9. Forgot to document Jump command inside of R3Dedit that makes it very easy to jump around the map directly merely by moving to that location on the automap or you can jump by line or jump using a coordinate location. See 3D Editing


10. Modified Tag, Polyid, Lineid prompts. The help data displayed for line types automatically shows the last used and next available value depending on the first arguments type.


11. Expanded opt file entries and Expanded maximum number of levels in an IWAD to 200.


12. Fix for renaming a level bug.




New Find and Replace options and more 3D texture editing features


1. New Find tools for LineTID and Scripts


2. New Find tool for Ceiling or Floor or Both


3. New Replace tool for Ceiling or Floor or Both


4. 3D texture editing support for changing textures, texture pegging, changing floor and ceiling textures, sector heights and sector lighting.


5. When using the 3D play mode, you are transferred directly to the map location the same as when using Edit mode when Auto Position is enabled.


6. GWA IWAD nodes are no longer required for editing.




New overlap option, Instant Sidedef packing, DeePBSP support of more than 64k vertices for regular nodes, New editing support for over 64k sidedefs


1. Extended support for over 64k sidedefs for editing purposes only.


2. When saving a level with over 64k sidedefs, they are automatically packed.


3. Packing of SideDefs is now instantaneous thanks to an idea suggested by GLBSP.


4. New Option for levels with overlapping lines where you can drag them without disappearing [use only for those cases since itís slower].


5. Support for more than 64k vertices in regular nodes since the extended Sidedef and packing support now makes this a practical reality. (V4 Glnodes already supported this).


6. Snap-to-Grid reinstated for Things.


7. General speedup in rubber band selection tools.


8. Duplicate Sprites in F7 Ė Sprite Edit tool now resolve correctly.


9. Option to check for Duplicate Sprites in F7 Ė Sprite Edit tool


10. Fix for BEHAVIOR saving if multiple levels are loaded.


11. Fix for PNG buffer flushing which caused Windows98 to get a protection fault.


12. PNG buffers are flushed whenever they reach 100MB.


13. R3Dedit replaces the Risen3Dedit name - please adjust your path names as appropriate. R3Dedit now supports levels with boundaries at the limit of the DOOM coordinates (+/- 32k). R3Dedit also supports over 64k sidedefs in edit mode.





Updated ZDOOM OPT file + new thing flag support, simplified RISEN3Dedit installation and lump management improvements.




Imbedded PWAD PNG support for all the PWAD tools and of course PNG support for 3D editing in RISEN3Dedit and DeePsea. Interchangeable floor, ceiling and wall texture support in RISEN3Dedit.


1. Full PWAD PNG support for all the ports that support the PNG format for images in PWADs.


2. All the PWAD tools that manage lumps recognize PNG images making it much easier to organize and create PWAD resources with the enhanced visual feedback.


3. RISEN3Dedit (now called R3Dedit) is a special prerelease version of RISEN3D designed for editing levels. It supports fully interchangeable flats and textures for floors, ceilings and walls using the standard Flat and TEXTUREx names. It also supports using TX_START - TX_END markers for new images as well as patches and sprites. Just one of the many improvements planned for 3D editing is now accomplished.


4. New 3D editing options to control clipping to floors or ceilings and to vary the way high-resolution textures are displayed since different port have different defaults. This lets you see them appropriate to the port being used.


4. Conversion of DeePsea to Visual Studio, because the new libraries available are made for Visual Studio, making it easier to use them. This release resets all projects because of differences in how the 2 compilers generated data alignment.


5. Many little fixes that were still left around from conversion to huge level support. Thanks to those that complained, otherwise I wouldnít have known J





DeePBSP with Extended V4 node support for both regular and GL nodes. Revised F7 Lump Tools with optional Duplicate Checking and Replacement and Automatic 3D level positioning


1. DeePBSP changed to automatically generate V4 extended nodes for both standard nodes and GL nodes. This new format supports up to 64k linedefs, 64k sidedefs and 64k vertices. The DeePBSP V4 format is easily adopted by any port, including GL ports. The ports should support linedefs past 32k, however, even smaller levels can exceed the limits of the DOOM node structure. This new specification can quickly make a port handle those exceptions too. Full details and examples to follow.


2. Although the file size is larger than the ZDOOM method, the zipped file size is the same or smaller. The simplicity of the method plus the fact that download size is more important than file size, should encourage more ports to adopt this format. (I lost this one, but now they are regretting the decision since adopting PK3 (zip files). Oh well. KISS is always better!


3. An option is provided for GL3 nodes, however, we suggest that all portes support GL4 nodes since this is slightly more compact.


4. RISEN3D (check for lastest version) supports the extended format so you can play any size level and do 3D texture alignment on huge levels!

5. Optional Duplicate Lump support in F7: Import, Export and Rearrange Tools. These tools quickly detect erroneous duplicates or let you use duplicates, although doing so is poor design and prone to mistakes. Creating Duplicate lump names is definitely not recommended.


6. Optional Duplicate Lump support for floor and wall textures. Same comment as for 3.


7. New optional 3D editing instant positioning according to cursor position in the level. Just place the cursor at the location where you want to edit, press W and you are there!


8. New option when Rearranging a PWAD to sort alphabetically.


9. Tweaks and fixes for large levels improve edit dialog response.


10. Consolidated Jump command lets you jump to any object without being in that editing mode. In addition, you can also jump to any sidedef which is very handy for finding map mistakes. Just press J and see for yourself.


11. Added Prefab Tool popup command using Ctrl+Left Mouse click (original is Right Double Click) to make this menu easier to select.


12. New copy and paste data between multiple copies of DeePsea. You can open up any level, select a section from it and in another copy of DeePsea copy that section to the level open in the other copy. The new commands are Ctrl+C+Shift, Ctrl+V+Shift and Ctrl+B+Shift complementing the existing Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+B commands. Thus you now have 2 different clipboard buffers available. See Edit Menu Options for more information.


13. Almost all F10 Error checker steps can be stopped by pressing Esc for each check. This saves a lot of time on large levels when you accidently select the wrong checkJ


14. A new optional very fast 3rd type of sector closed checking added. This is also optionally done when 3D editing is performed.


15. Tools that can take some time, such as Packing can be stopped by pressing Esc. (Packing no longer a speed issue Ė see new version)


16. Changes for 3D editing that let RISEN3D handle the display of Missing floor and wall textures. Future changes will handle interchangeable floor and wall textures (already partially done).


17. New speed option for 3D editing. This just speeds up your movement in the level just like Turbo does in the game. Set in 3D mode testing options.


18. New Sector Special Reset option for 3D editing. This eliminates any sector specials to make it easier to do texture alignment where you may have lights flickering.


19. New error handler to help Win98/ME systems recover precious resources in the event of a crash. NT, Win2K and XP automatically recover resources.


20. Crash Error Save Option lets you save your current work in a file called CRASH.WAD. This will not always work, but you can try.


21. Node Viewer command keys changed. You can now move the level with the cursor keys and node movement keys are mapped to the numpad keys.


22. Tag renumber command modified to optionally renumber negative tags.


23. More checking when loading multiple files to warn you if there are conflicting resources. All of them (except loading the same level name in different PWAD) can be suppressed by disabling F5 Ė Duplicate Lump Message.


24. And last but not least, BC memory routines replaced with my own code since they were flawed. Should fix all those weird problems, especially with large levels. DeePacc and DeePdeacc are also converted using new memory routines, but otherwise not many changes. Will update when the 3D stuff gets finished.




Automatic DECORATE support extended to detect the new stuff allowed


1. DECORATE extended to support all the new ACTOR stuff.


2. ACS and FS help system revised with online keyword linking for ACS.


3. Changed script editing to work better with new help system. Old Auto Save and Compile are not longer active, so use the Compile and Save buttons insteadJ


4. Stock ACC.exe error messages now displayed. Will work on DeePACC sometime soon.


5. Finally had some time to test some syntax files to use with EditPlus 2 for ACS files and FS files (FS was already done by DarkWolf). Will post as time permits.




New 3D INGAME texture alignment using RISEN3D, extensive Dialog changes, LEGACY graphic format support, automatic DeePBSP GL support and many more detail changes and enhancements.


1. In game texture alignment using RISEN3D (replaced by R3Dedit), the fastest and most accurate GL port in the world! Press W to start RISEN3D to align textures inside your level. (This replaces the prior W Ė walkthrough.)


The following features make this port exceptional:


a. You can optionally see the placement of all your THINGS depending on skill level in texture alignment mode.

b. Accurate hi-res and normal X-Y Texture alignment is supported.

c. The proper SKY is displayed according the the level name.

d. All BOOM features are supported.

e. The map can be displayed so you know where you are in the level.

f. Completely customizable similar to DOOMSDAY.


2. System requirements are a 3D hardware enhanced graphics card, at least 512MB of memory of Win98 and 1GB for Vista/Windows7 and current system drivers. (64 bit Operating system takes about 50% more).


3. The fastest nodebuilder in the world, DeePBSP now automatically generates GL nodes for projects that have F5 - GLnodes support enabled, making this the fastest GL node builder in the worldJ RISEN3D, DOOMSDAY, PRBOOM and ZDOOMGL are 4 popular ports that rely on GLnodes for more accurate level display. In addition, DeePBSP supports fake bridges and other common tricks.


4. New F5 Ė Node option to automatically merge duplicate vertices. Normally you should not have more than 1 vertex with the same coordinates. This corrects GL display errors in many levels and the cause of one of the crashes in PRBOOM.


5. Converted to new type of Windows HELP system for instant help right where you want it. The best integrated DOOM editor Help system is now even easier and faster than before!


6. DeePsea main Window size restored on restart and all commands now work properly in a resized window.


7. Easy Online help links for ACS and FS (you can modify the link)


8. Abbreviated command help for ACS and FS (you can customize and modify the contents).


9. F5 Options changed with deletions and additions. The 3D Mode tab is used to control the 3D Editing settings.


10. AUTO Textures from BMPs Dialog can now replace existing TEXTURE and PNAMES entries.


11. Importing and Rearranging Dialogs revised, with new buttons for moving entries around.


12. Importing now allows for RAW entries which never converts the file format.


13. Importing and graphic preview now support LEGACY format graphics that are used in some places (for example CONSBACK).


14. Other Dialogs simplified Ė please use the Help button to get more information since the text that was there before was removed to make it look cleaner.


15. Option to automatically unpack levels without having to issue the unpack command.


16. New Sector mode global light level adjustment command in the Misc menu. This make it very easy to make global light level changes in a level by a percent increase or decrease (light bracketing is provided). Very handy for making quick adjustments.




ZDOOM TX_START and World Scaling support , User Prefabs extended for Quicker Access and Easier Saving, automatic ZDOOM DECORATE support, more Error Check Enhancements and much more.


Optional ZDOOM extended texture TX_START support. You can enable any of the graphic types eligible for ZDOOM 2.0+.


Optional sort for textures. Disabling the sort puts all the textures in the order ZDOOM recognizes the various types.


New identification added to Sector FLAT display so you can easily tell the type of Texture selected. LineDef texture display already had this feature.


PNG images are recognized and although not yet displayed, X and Y alignment tools work.


Option added to F5 options to enable or disable TX_START support per project so it canít be used for ports that do not support this.


Extended Prefab tools to save up to 20 of your custom prefabs for quick access. (Unlimited number of prefabs still available via Open Prefab command).


Prefab and paste now automatically merge any overlapping LineDefs. Option added to F5 options enable or disable this feature.


Prefabs can be created by just highlighting areas. You no longer need to press Ctrl+C for the first object selected. Subsequent different objects still use Ctrl+C.


Pasting can be done just by highlighting areas. You no longer need to press Ctrl+C for the first object. If you change objects, Ctrl+C is still used.


Test ALL files selection saved across executions.


Change to automatic Thing and Vertex identification/selection while in LineDef or Vertex mode.


New optional onscreen identification of selected objects. See F5 options Show Object Tip.


Removed options that were never changed by users.


Change to defining User Tools.


Ending message changed for Tools that automatically correct missing textures or remove those not required to indicate number of changes made.


DeePsea exclusive Error Checker enhanced with quicker access to options and easy repeat of checks.


Added 10 Set BookMark (Ctrl+Shift+1) and Goto Bookmark (Alt+Shift+1) commands (1 is from 0 to 9).


Ability to Export and Import (change) the HERETIC and HEXEN AUTOPAGE lumps. This is the "paper" background image.


New Testing option to not wait for the Game to end before returning to DeePsea. This allows you to play the game, use Alt+TAB to go back to the editor and make changes as you spot them. Itís best to make the game resolution match your desktop resolution. Press Help on the Testing Dialog for more information. More to come J


Optional Automatic support for ZDOOMís DECORATE lump. All the items in the DECORATE lump are automatically available. You can also add special comment lines to the DECORATE lump to enhance the information displayed by DeePsea, yet not interfere with ZDOOM. Refer to the DECORATE section for more information ( DECORATE )


Automatic Sprite clipping to just the visible area for custom sprites that have large empty areas surrounding them. This makes the graphical display look better for Sprites with a large empty space.


Easy changing of ZDOOM world units vs texel X/Y offset control in TEXTURE control. You can easily automatically switch all textures from one format to the other using F7 Ė TEXTUREx Name Edit. One good use is when making hires Texture packs to replace stock Textures thus letting older levels using the original X/Y offsets (ZDOOM 2.0+ only).


Changed drawing to use split-sector "surround" code so you can draw around existing multiple objects better (meant to do that sooner). If you draw through lines, this is disabled since it gets too complicatedJ


New save option to automatically delete unused objects when saving.


F7 Lump management merge tool can now rename lumps in a source PWAD before merging.


Display colors are now the same for all games, regardless of palette. In addition you can customize the color to any color available on your system. This also applies to any PWAD with custom palettes, they no longer change the display. The only exception applies to any display with "transparency" where the mapping has to use a palette index value. Not a big issue. This is now realistic since most systems now can display 16k colors or more.


Minimum processor required is now a Pentium.


Game OPT file parser changed to bitch about invalid properties. Seems some people were inventing their own names not realizing that only certain names are allowed. So if your modified OPT file now complains, thatís whyJ


All old projects are reset with this release.




Texture Browsers packs more data, enhanced multiple simultaneous Finds, new commands to automatically follow Tags, new command to highlight all Things of the same type, Vertex Drawing (really) and more


Texture Browsers have 1 more smaller magnification added to increase the number of textures available when browsing. The increased size of monitors makes this a realistic option.


New option to make mouse wheel change modes or zoom. Usually itís more convenient to just press the middle mouse button and then scroll and let the mouse wheel change modes. This gives you another choice (set in F5 options).


New command Ctrl+J to follow Linedef-Sector tag associations. This command starts from Linedef or Sector mode and automatically jumps to each Sector (or Linedef) with the same tag. Suggested by Graham Jackson.


New command Shift+M to select and mark all Things of the same type. The old Shift+M (maximize) command is no longer valid. Also suggested by Graham Jackson.


Some changes to merging tolerances when dragging. User value is only used for Tools, unless you make it less than 0.2. This prevents merging and splitting when you just drag objects without you having to change the F5 setting.


Slight change to Linedef selection to use floating point coordinates again. This makes lines that are 1 unit long easier to select.


Finds revised to create a dialog list of matching objects (vs just a text file before). Scrolling the list automatically brings the object into focus. You can have multiple Finds active at the same time. This is real handy for figuring out tags, scripts and any other associations you want to track.


Error checker Log option revised similar to Find. The list of errors can be scrolled and the error location is automatically brought into focus.


New F5 Option Ė Dialog Restore Cursor. Turning this off keeps the cursor at the current position when exiting most dialogs.


New F5 Option Ė Delete Things. Separated from Move Things to also automatically delete Things in a Sector when a Sector is deleted.


New F5 Option Ė Keep Extra Vertex in Linedrawing for those who need a bunch of vertexes before they draw. When enabled, after you start drawing and right click, the single vertex drawn remains. So now the dot-to-dot users can connect the dots like they used toJ


New Command Shift+Ins in Vertex mode creates a single vertex, For exactly the same reason as above Ė keep the dot-to-dot people happy. These extra vertices automatically disappear once you save and build nodes or when you reload the level.


New option in Browsers to automatically size any texture to the maximum space available. Check the Mag box to activate.


Detail changes to Browsers where the up/down cursor keys will page if the end of page is reached.


New Prefab save command Ė Ctrl+F3 saves the contents of the Paste buffer as a file. This makes it even easier to create objects for the Import Prefab command (Ctrl+I).


Slightly revised Node dialog where the Copy and Clear Reject options are now on the same dialog. Copy Reject is useful if minor map changes are made and the REJECT is still valid so you can copy the prior REJECT information and save some time.


Other odds and ends I do not remember.





New Legacy Height option, New Options to List and Browse only External Textures, External FLATS or External PNAMES and New Options to include Textures, Flats, Pnames or Sprites for ZDOOM final


New checkbox Option for Legacy that makes it easy to enter the height of THINGS directly rather than having to manually calculate hex flag values. See the LEGACY docs about this feature.


New Options to select only external Textures, Flats or PNAMES. This makes creating custom levels with custom textures much easier and faster since the texture displays can be limited to just those you created.


The next release of ZDOOM supports interchangeable selection of Textures, Flats, Pnames or Sprites for walls, floors and ceilings. This release supports this new feature with a new option in F5 setup. Press F5 and add the optional formats desired.


Removed OPT file option. This is now always enabled.


New project for RISEN3D (formerly BOOMSDAY). This is an extension of JDOOM with full BOOM support and many other enhancements by Graham Jackson.


Caching default per graphic image changed to 512KB and maximum is now 4MB. Reduce this if you have less than 128MB of memory.


Various other changes to match new graphic options Ė such as X/Y alignment, preview, etc.


All prior Projects are reset.


Be sure to report any bugs since quite a few changes were made.





Open Read Only, Faster Direct editing and Legacy Any Thing Angle


Safety feature that prevented opening read only files, now gives warning messages (since you canít rename a read only file when saving) and allows you to open the level for editing. Usually these are CD files, temporary zip files or network files where the access is read only.


Angle field now permits any value. This is for the new Legacy feature that lets you set the angle in 1 degree increments.


All Linedef bottom info boxes now go directly to a popup dialog to modify just that entry and no longer go to the main dialog. Except for textures, only one item is modified, regardless of the number of items selected. Click on the appropriate bottom field to activate.


All Sector bottom info boxes now go directly to a popup dialog to modify just that entry and no longer go to the main dialog. Except for textures, only one item is modified, regardless of the number of items selected.


For both 4 and 5, either select the item by Left clicking or hold down the Shift key to edit the correct object using these direct access methods. Click on the appropriate bottom field to activate.


Fix for limiting Linedef tags accidently extended to non-Hexen levels.


Slightly revised Dialog for Lump Renaming/Etc.


Slightly revised Linedef editing Dialog.




Automatic TEXTURE/PNAMES/LUMP Deletion Tool and other Stuff


New F7/ PWAD Lump Fixing Texture TOOL automatically deletes FLATS, TEXTURES, PNAMES and LUMPS not used. Besides being a real timesaver, it makes your distributed PWAD smaller with all the advantages that go along with that. Be careful and read the docs.


Daylight Savings time fix for registered version 11.7x on XP.


SaveAs sometimes did not work correctly


Safety check in Open dialog browser for invalid offsets


Change to Thing editing when multiple Things selected. Changing the angle does not change anything else.


Export hires FLATS as BMP/PCX


Color is fixed to white for some onscreen drawing info, regardless of the palette or color override used. Prevents the disappearance of feedback for some choices when white is made a dark color.


PLAYPAL palette in the PWAD no longer brings up a message. An option was added earlier to not use the PWAD palette Ė so this isnít really required. Change the setting in F5/Options to revert to the stock IWAD palette.


New method to select Objects: Turn Additive Select OFF (F5 Options) and then press the Ctrl+Left mouse button to select multiple objects. If you do not press the Ctrl key, only one object at a time is selected. The default setting in F5 automatically adds multiple objects without having to press the Ctrl key. The old Ctrl+Left mouse button ZOOM is gone Ė use the middle mouse wheel instead or press both mouse buttons.




Import Prefab PWAD enhanced to allow interactive placement, VAVOOM lump additions and some Fixes


Enhanced Import Prefab PWAD. Ctrl+I is the new short cut command. Now you can interactively position the data before dropping it in the level. This allows for even easier unlimited custom PREFABS you can easily draw yourself.


Pasting Tool has improved sector correction.


Change to allow TID changes to multiple Things at one time.


Warning added if level goes over the 64k maximum LineDefs, SideDefs or Vertices.


Additional automatic VAVOOM lump support.


Change to F7 PWAD tools to modify DeePsea SCRIPT## to SCRIPTS if F5 SCRIPT option is not enabled. This fixes a problem WA had.


Fix to Thing OPT categories to fully use all the extra spare categories available (25 total).


Fix to error checker caused by huge level support that would quit checking too soon on some errors.


Fix to hires Flats if they replace existing stock DOOM flats. Solution in prior versions is to not use a name that is already used by DOOM.




HUGE PWAD support, ZDOOM Heretic Support and more


You can now create HUGE levels with up to 64k linedefs and 64k sidedefs. Only ZDOOM supports levels this size right now. I hope the other active ports add support code for huge levels.


New ZDOOM only options to write no NODES, REJECT or BLOCKMAP data. For HUGE levels this makes a tremendous difference in file size. ZDOOM will automatically create the nodes. The others lumps are not required for ZDOOM.


New method to show selected or active lines. Easier on the eyes and easier to see whatís active. You can choose solid or dashed active lines. You can choose a different color for hovering colors vs selected colors. Set in F5 options.


New optional keyword in description for ZDOOM Hexen format levels, "Angle". This allows raw input of the angle, which is the same as the PolyId field. Use as appropriate for new Things.


Hexadecimal arithmetic support added to Calculator.


Texture names can be moved around in Texture Editor


New Find Sector Light level options (ask Nigel what this is for).


Added support for ZDOOM HERETIC HEXEN format support.


Added support for Legacy with BOOM enabled


Preview of sounds now displays a graphic display of the sound.


New DeePBSP with huge level support.


Slight change in how missing textures are displayed in Linedef editing


Fixed graphics color conversion when converting colors from one gameís graphics to another.


WIN2000 sector editing typo fixed that caused a crash in Win2000 for ZDOOM Hexen formatted levels.


Change for Browsers in XP to pick up all cursor keys.


Internal change to ToolBar code.




Legacy #RRRGGBBA texture name color support, OPT file LineDef Color overrides (optional), OPT file New DummyTag option, future support for Hi-Res Flats, even better Editing Dialogs, Custom Node Builder option and WAY more.


New Legacy #rrggbba texture name support. Similar to ZDOOM RRGGBB names. This shows the color approximation when entered.


New optional OPT file color code for any linedefs with tags. Identify certain LineDefs with a special visual color. For Legacy, this easily shows you where all your scripts are located, however itís available for any port.


New OPT file DummyTag value for LineDef specials. This prevents the display from using the tag field as a match for a sector. It also prevents the error checker from checking for a matching tag. Again, this is useful for Legacy Script types that use the tag field as the script number.


New Thing display option in F5/Options: Display Round Things. Disable this option to show a rectangle instead of a circle. Although technically this more accurately reflects the space occupied by Things, itís not as pretty as round - you decide.


Flexible new Thing shape option in OPT files. Regardless of the display option above, this overrides any Thing with a choice of 5 options see Opt (Creating New Thing, LineDef and Sector descriptions. Hexen Poly and Tid Things are not affected.


Flexible new Thing display description option in OPT files. You can give any Thing a short (1-8 chararacters) description, making it much easier to review sophisticated levels with lots of control Things (especially ZDOOM).


Flexible new predefined Thing images for certain ZDOOM and HEXEN Things. Predefined Images used are set in the OPT files.


Slight revision to Slope Tool prefab dialog to force 2 sections for Flat Top prefabs.


New conversion option when reading levels with a HEXEN format into a DOOM format project (or visa versa). You are given a choice on whether to keep the types and tags currently in the level, rather than always resetting them to 0.


Texture alignment changed so that if a texture mismatch occurs, the upper texture or lower texture is used if it matches the original one you started with and no message is issued.


Defaults changed for some port Projects; Show Nodebuild is now off by default.


Keyboard +/- Zooming modified from to new scaled factors: see F5/ZOOM (prior was a mixture of auto-scaled and fixed).


New optional Custom Node Builder option when saving levels. Configurable for any nodebuilder. Be sure to test your configuration before using.


New "Start In" directory for the testing tool. Some ports (like JDOOM and BOOMSDAY), need the "Start In" directory to point to the root of their install.


New variable patch cache size. Increase the default value if you have lots of memory. Improves performance for hi-res texture patches which are typically much larger than the stock DOOM patches.


Custom tools are now individually defined per project, meaning that different projects can have tools specific to a port


Removed 2nd LineDef dialog option.


New LineDef edit dialog with Special and Hexen arguments directly accessible.


New Thing edit dialog with Special and Hexen arguments directly accessible.


New Sector edit dialog with Special directly accessible.


New Option to print the directories of PWADs. Print to the printer or print to a file. See Edit Menu/View Lump.


Expanded Category description size to 40 characters.


Various changes for XP. Minimize/Maximize changed, support for XP skins that change the desktop offsets and so forth.


Fixed GL port testing that sent resolution changes messing up the toolbar locations.


Safety check added for some program out there that combines PWADs and INCORRECTLY assigns the same offset to ALL the level headers.


Change in the Save routines to compensate for offset error (above) reported in multi-level PWADs.


Some scrolling code changed for an editing Window reduced in size.


Hi-Res FLATs support. If you make your image a multiple of 64x64 (for example 128x128), DeePsea will make this a 128x128 FLAT. Sizes up to 2048x2048 are supported. Future ports can use this to generate hi-res FLATs matching the hi-res textures.


This version resets all your old projects.




Legacy Fraggle Script Editing, More PALETTE Editor tools, ZDOOM Sloped Prefabs, more hi-res Texture preview enhancements and ZDOOM Dehacked Lump editing.


New palette matching in F7/Edit Palette tool. If you replace the first PLAYPAL with a new 256 color BMP palette, you are given 3 choices: 1) Match the new palette to the original DOOM palette; 2) Match the first 32 colormaps to the original DOOM palette; 3) Store asis. Be sure to review the help for more details.


All PLAYPAL palettes after the first one replaced with a new 256 color BMP palette have 2 choices: 1) Match the new palette to the original DOOM palette at that location; 2) Store asis.


New F5 Option Use PWAD Palette to ignore custom PLAYPAL palettes for the DeePsea display colors. This affects all the graphics too. DeePsea also works with a 256 color display which is why itís done this wayJ


Custom palettes now use the first COLORMAP in translation colors. This matches the new COLORMAP translation option in 1 above.


New direct support for Legacy Fraggle Script editing - press F6 and use the Edit, Save, and Export buttons to easily maintain Fraggle script in one or more levels.


New direct support for DEHACKED lump names for ZDOOM.


New Sloped Prefabs for ZDOOM and any other port, including stock DOOM. Make Tunnels, Arches, Pipes, Domes and Pits with just a few clicks. Revised XTHEATERIII level has samples of the various cool things you can make.


Export, Import and Rename tools now dynamically size all graphics so large patches (for big textures) display completely.


BMP and PCX color depth is displayed on previews so you easily know ahead of time if it has a 256 color palette.


Map centering changed a bit, so a resized small window keeps the map centered.


Map Scrolling and Zooming have a new options for showing full detail. Depending on your level size and system speed, this makes it easier to view your level. Enable F5/Show Detailed Scroll and Show Detailed Zoom.


Levels saved with a new file name are now saved in the most recently used file list.


Script Edit, Compile and Save can now all be done automatically one after the other. Enable the new option on the F6 Scripting Dialog.


Saving Text lumps to a PWAD no longer has an information message.


Lump Saving options no longer ask for target PWAD filename. The current PWAD being edited is always saved to.


Double click drawing changed. If you have more than 2 objects selected, drawing will not start. This makes it easier to keep selecting objects and not accidently start drawing mode.


New direct QuickSave command - Ctrl+F2. Instantly saves a copy of your PWAD and makes the extension .BKP. This is the same as the Autosave format, except you donít have to turn Autosave on.


File and Lump Preview enhanced to let you scroll down text files and raw data files without opening them. The default number of lines displayed is 100. You can up the number in F5/Project Options.


DeePACC had a mistake (same as ACC) when a return was used inside of a script.


Revised some mouse code that may have been causing occasional GDI crashes or lockups. Seems to work OK on my system. Please let me know about any issuesJ




More additions to ZDOOM Opt file (matching latest ZDOOM beta), Browser Mouse Wheel support and more High Res TEXTURE tweaks


ZDOOM added some more line specials for saving games and the ZDOOM.OPT file was correspondingly modified.


ZDOOM scaling of textures (which now works perfectly) required a modification to the X and Y offset code. The new automatic X and Y offset commands look at the scaling values of a texture and adjust the offsets to correspond to the scaling.


TEXTURE editor shows you the actual scaled x/y size dimensions (for ZDOOM), plus the texture is displayed in the scaled ratio chosen, showing you exactly what it looks like.


TEXTURE editor has new option to Stretch the view to the available size. This is nice if you scale textures smaller since they can become hard to view.


Browsers and information panels automatically show the scaled size of textures. This is particularly useful if you vary a textures scaling where X and Y are not scaled the same.


All browsers now support the Middle mouse button. Click the Middle button once and go to the top of the list. Click the Middle button again and go to the bottom of the list.


All browsers now support the mouse Wheel. Scroll the wheel button to advance through any browse list. If you donít have a Wheel mouse yet, borrow a mouse with a wheel and see how convenient this is.


New ZOOM speed value in F5/Map options


Changed X and Y keyboard commands. X aligns 2nd side if no 1st side textures are found, Y aligns 2nd side if no 1st side textures are found, shift+X aligns side1, shift+Y aligns side 1, alt+X aligns side2, alt+Y aligns side2.


Palette warning message now controlled by Dup Message Option, was controlled by Expert option.


New Option F5/Project - Show Detailed Drag: show map detail when using Mouse map dragging/panning.


Experimental PALETTE override in the F7/Palette Tool. Import any 256 color BMP or PCX and the palette from that image replaces the current PLAYPAL palette entry.


New F5/Project option to set the default directory for Graphic images. Used by tools that only expect image files.




New ZDOOM Opt file, automatic Script Compiling Options, Door Ceiling Default, Middle Mouse button/wheel and Texture Scale Feedback


New prompt options added to the Scripting Dialog. You can edit, compile and save scripts without prompts. Additionally, you can optionally edit and compile in one step. See F6 dialog.


Newest ZDOOM has some new Things, so these were added to the ZDOOMHEXEN.OPT file


New display of the current Script file and Script Object file displayed on the F6 menu.


New default Ceiling Texture added for use by any of the tools that automatically create Doors. See F5/Texture.


With the ability to Scale Textures for ZDOOM, theTexture Editing Tool (F7) now shows the current X and Y scaling of all textures, making it easier to see the current settings.


New support for Middle mouse button. Click the Middle mouse button and drag/pan the map. The Left and Right mouse buttons zoom when panning is started using the Middle mouse button.


Panning the map using the Left + Right mouse buttons was changed to match the way the Middle mouse button works. Once panning is activated, works exactly the same as pressing the Middle mouse button, except press both buttons (or Esc) to exit panning mode.


New support for mouse Wheel. Rotate the wheel to change editing modes.


Fixed Thing information offset when Toolbars are active.


All registered users who registered within the last 6 months are eligible for a free upgrade.





High Res Patches, plus automatic display resizing in TEXTURE editing


Since discovering that tall textures can be successfully displayed, Randy Heit and I agreed on a method to create patches beyond the original 508 height limit. Now level designers have the future ability to create high resolution images. The image created can be scaled to an "actual size" used in the game. For example, you create a 1024 x 1024 patch, but in the game you tell it to "shrink" to 25% of this size. The difference in quality close up will be incredible.(See ZDOOM documentation when the release supporting this comes out.)


Of course, with patches and textures now having the capacity to be very large, the level editing display, TEXTURE edit tool and browsing tools were updated to automatically resize images so you can see them even on lower resolution monitors.


The TEXTURE edit tool has 2 new fields, horizontal and vertical scaling to resize textures to the display size intended.


High resolution Sprites can also be a created, however the scaling for these is handled via DEH patches. Please refer to the ZDOOM documentation.


The Sprite editing tool is enhanced with a maximize option to display more of the sprite image.


New ZDOOMHEXEN.OPT file with new ZDOOM types.


New DeePACC with support for new ZDOOM commands.




Fixed Hexen WHEN flags and had some more insights on tall patches


The Hexen WHEN flags were accidently broken and fixed.


Since discovering how to make tall patches work for various engines (see sample XTHEATER level at, I started thinking about making patches even taller than that. Iíve described the method on the ZDOOM forum and hopes that this modification is made. This version of DeePsea can make patches 1024 tall, but NO port currently can use this. Letís hope it happens.


The Texture Edit tool resizes the texture preview windows on a Maximize for easier viewing of big textures. This only makes a big difference if your resolution is over 800x600.


F6/F7 dialogs now always close on Escape, not just after a tool is used.


Forgot to include sample conversion file DOOMDOOM2Conversion.CVT for converting Textures and Flat names in a level. The sample file converts DOOM to DOOM2 textures. Use this as a sample to convert ANY fileís textures , this includes HEXEN format levels. The tool that does this is located in F7/Pwad Lump Fixing.





New LineDef Editing Dialog Choice, new PLAYPAL, COLORMAP and DECAL editing, Improved TEXTURE and Merging Tools and Many More Options


You can choose between a wide horizontal LineDef edit dialog or a taller vertical dialog. If your resolution is over 800x600 you may prefer the latter. Press F5 and select Narrow LineDef Dialog


LineDef dialog has new highlighted indicators for quick visual feedback indicating which side you are editing. The color of the button background and text can be changed in F5/Color. Default colors are Green (side 1) and Red (side2).


Level Check has new option to bypass Spawn Cube Shooter and Spawn Cube Target checking.


Current project open is always shown in Open Dialog


When you preview a PWAD in the Open Dialog, the basic type of PWAD is shown. If it shows BEHAVIOR then itís a HEXEN format level.


New tool to easily edit the PLAYPAL entry and save the modified palettes with your level or a separate file. Lots of ways to change the palettes, from a GRAYSCALE to your own. Play around with it and see what a difference it can make to your levels.


New tool to quickly edit the COLORMAP entry and save the modified color mapping with your level or a separate file.


DECAL editing. Direct GRAYSCALE editing of ZDOOM decals. Easily make your own custom decal improvements. Press F7/Graphics editor and click the Drawing mode button, then Grayscale. If you do not have any decal graphics loaded, you canít edit themJ Load the ZDOOM.WAD for the default ones used.


Since machines are now much faster than in 1997, added new option to always show Vertex dots in all modes. Press F5 and set Always Show Vertex to your preference. You can also toggle this option with the semi-colon (;) shortcut key.


Sector Dialog has prior Light and Height buttons added to easily force duplication of those values to all Sectors selected (as it was prior to 11.2).


Sector split dialog while drawing pops up over current cursor location, making this ergonomically easier.


Find and Replace for THINGS, FLATS and TEXTURES can now be limited to the entries selected. Select the objects as you would any other objects when making group changes - either left click individually or use the rubber-band select tool. If none are selected, the default is ALL as before.


New Option to Create Undo snapshots when Inserting Things. You may want to increase the number of Undoís if this is enabled. See F5/MAP


New Option to automatically adjust the floor and ceiling height of Sectors when pasting. This is extremely handy when pasting the same objects to Sectors that have a different floor height. See F5/MAP


All Undo and Paste Options have been moved to F5/MAP


Testing dialog can now also have options added on the Game EXE line entry. This makes it easier to run some ports.


All the TEXTUREx/PNAMES texture creation Tools on the F7 menu now can overwrite and merge the TEXTUREx and PNAMES with any file selected, including the currently loaded PWAD. This saves a lot of time.


PWAD graphic files can be added to PNAMES in the TEXTURE edit tool.


BMP graphic files can be added to PNAMES in the TEXTURE edit tool.


All the Tools on the F7 Menu that create new files now can overwrite and merge with any file name selected, including the currently loaded PWAD. The default name for the file is automatically the loaded level, making this a quite convenient and handy Feature. For those who just use the shareware version, this works even if the level is otherwise too large to edit - it always operates on the file that already exists, not the one in memory.


Other cosmetic changes to make more options clear.


Fixed a mistake when you press "enter" in some Linedef edit fields. All registered users of 11.3 and up are eligible for a free upgrade via email.




UNDO up to 100, Compact ZDOOM ACS support, Tool bar Docking Area, Automatic Texture and Flat Analysis Tool, Automatic Texture and Flat Conversion Tool and much more.


Added 5 more optional Thing Categories for DOOM/HEXEN projects - some people get carried awayJ


Added option to create a -0- length BLOCKMAP for ZDOOM. This can reduce your level size by quite a bit as well as speed things up (ZDOOM 1.23+ generates itís own BLOCKMAP).


Things displayed on map as a Sprite now have direction arrows.


CFG file suffixes changed to DFG - just a safety issue in case anyone installs it in the DOOM directory (which should NOT be done).


ACS object file types of ACS, ACSE and ACSe are created and recognized as BEHAVIOR lumps. ACSE and ACSe are compact formats and take up less space.


Up to 100 levels of undo are supported - default is 10 (F5/Map Options). If you donít have enough physical memory, a large level and a high undo number, your system may start paging and slow you down!


Ctrl+Y is redo.


Compact ACS script support in DeePACC compiler. Thereís a new Option in Compile menu to enable/disable compact object scripts.


Simplified Toolbar activation commands so sector height commands will work as before. The Scroll key toggles the top tool bar and Pause key brings up a dialog where you can set toolbar styles and activation. Use Shift+Scroll to define custom Tool bars.


New Vertical and Horizontal Toolbar docking areas. Using the same Pause key dialog as above, you can set the width and activation of each area. Edge scrolling is easier when the DeePsea Toolbars are docked in these areas, plus it looks cool.


Expert Setting eliminates more messages (assumes you understand how to change defaults).


More Cursor and progress Dialogs mods for better feedback status on large levels.


Double Mouse click map panning simplified. Press the Left mouse button, then press and release the Right mouse button. Press the +/- keys to zoom (replaces prior button zoom mode). The Ctrl+Left Mouse click and Shift+Left/Right Mouse clicks operate as before.


Tool bars improved with popup high lighting and automatic dragging if the window is moved.


New option in Tool bar dialog to reset coordinates to install defaults - in case you loose them somehowJ


New command that automatically centers the map on the cursor position - just press the Space bar. Suggested by John Csirkes, a new convert to Doom editing with amazingly useful insights.


New programmable Zoom Number keys. Set the Zoom level for each number key to what you prefer in F5/Zoom. When pressed, the number keys now also automatically center the map on the current cursor position.


New texture and flat analysis tool. For any PWAD, this lists all the Textures and Flats in one level, or all levels and can also tell you what resources are not being used. Press F7 - PWAD Lump Fixing.


And last but not least, a new texture and flat conversion tool. This will convert any levelís texture and flat names to any other names as defined in a substitution table.






Linedef Editing Streamlined


Finally DeePsea is taking advantage of the new minimum screen size requirement of 800x600 with a larger linedef editing dialog. Although 640x480 could barely work before, this dialog requires at least a resolution of 800x600.


This improvement involved merging 3 dialogs into 1. DeePsea has been gradually working towards this easier to use dialog for a while, so although it was a lot of work, it wasnít as traumatic as it could have beenJ


Linedef and Sidedef editing finally combined into 1 dialog. Should make editing Linedefs a lot easier and faster. ALL the variables can be easily accessed - from raw values to textures.


Raw Flag editing is revised to make it clearer that manually entered values override any check boxes.


Documentation added for Dialog Clone command.


Optional Player Start checking - set in F5/Check.


PALETTE lumps used in a PWAD message will not display if "Expert" mode is selected.


Linedef merging will use textures used on either of the lines before using the default definitions.


Optional Duplicate Lump checking when loading a PWAD - set in F5 Project Options. Many commonly used tools allow the creation of duplicate entries which creates an error message when loaded in DeePsea. There should NOT be any duplicate lumps in any PWAD. This is easily fixed in the F7/Rename-Ins.. Lump Tool. However, if you are loading someone elses level that you donít want to fix, enabling this option suppresses the duplicate error messages.





Fine tuning of some features!


Extended Prefab shadow control to allow sizing before entering final creation mode


Double left click starts line drawing in all modes except Things.


Testing Dialog now has check boxes for common DOOM options. Any other options for any port can be entered as before.





Too many things to list: Featuring new Custom Tool Bars, Prefabs are now easier and better than Prefab only editorsJ, Grid64, "Fix Sector" tool, Lots of Drawing improvements and even more stuff you wonít find anywhere else!


New Prefab shadow for slick user interaction. Already unique among editors, the interactive prefab tools are now made even easier by putting a shadow of the tool onscreen before it is created. As before, you can move and resize the prefab before you create it. Nothing is easier to use - and that includes any prefab only editorJ


The total experience is far simpler and easier than any prefab editor

because of 2 big reasons: 


The prefabs are interactive - you control exactly the size and position of the prefab before it's created. 


Vertices and Linedefs directly merge with no monkeying around. Drag the prefab and bang, it's done.


All Prefab values are saved when you exit. Both Prefab command formats (with and without a dialog) share the same information - except that sector floor & ceiling values for no dialog tools always use the current sector values


Prefabs made around existing Linedefs (meaning it surrounds an existing area) now have a new sector created. This also changes the interior objectís Sidedef sector references to the new sector number. Thatís the object that was surroundedJ


Drawing made around existing Linedefs (as described above) now also creates a new sector and changes the interior objectís Sidedef sector references. Pressing Ins at the end of drawing an enclosed area, forces the creation of 1-sided Linedefs as it does in regular drawing.


Flexible Toolbars created for 2 reasons: One is to make common commands more obvious - because nobody reads the help:) and secondly, it makes repetive work a lot faster. Create a custom toolbar for the special task and off you go. Here are the ToolBar details:


Easy access top Tool bar created for quick execution of 16 common functions. Press Scroll to activate/toggle the top Tool bar. Takes NO valuable screen space!


Four cool new user defined Tool bars! Each Tool bar contains up to 24 of your favorite commands for quick access. There are 3 formats, wide vertical, narrow vertical and narrow horizontal. Choose one to suit your screen size. All are easily toggled to suit your own taste or can be edge-dragged to the size you prefer. See Tool Bars for detail on how to activate/toggle the DeePsea Tool bars. Put them anywhere on the screen.


The new Tool bars can have any number of custom defined configurations. Short cut keys let you quickly load a new customized tool bar - very useful to quickly load a set of commands for special tasks.


New Tool Bars can be text, custom bitmap buttons or custom icon buttons. Select Options from the top menu and then select "Define Tool Bar Commands". Duck simple to select any combination of commands, even Waded users will be able to handle this - cut & paste the Waded graphics for the buttons to make you feel right at home (a little joke)! Donít like the bitmaps supplied - no problem, make your own - although Nigel Rowand did a nice job (thanks)!


User defined command Tools now have a prompt option. Setting noprompt bypasses the dialog and immediately launches the Tool specified.


New Grid marks at 64 unit intervals. The size and shape of the grid marks are set in F5/MAP options. You can have a bitmap square or a + sign. The color of the Grid 64 location is set in F5/Colors. Use the Shift+J key to toggle the 64 Grid display. The new tool bar at the top has 2 buttons to set either of the grid displays.


New Sector Autofix command - alt+F10. Select the Linedefs to fix and it checks to see if the opposite side has the correct sector. If not, it automatically makes it the same. This fixes many common mistakes, but not allJ


Some default sounds were changed and 3 more sounds were added for the ToolBar buttons. See F5/Sounds to change any of these.


The Arc Tool command has been enhanced. Now you can instantly modify a straight Linedef from a small arch to a full circle.


Prefab tools have some shortcut commands changed for general consistency. Now the cursor keys move the map. The new keys are PageUp/PageDown and Home/End. Just press F1 in a tool to see what keys are available.


New visual cursor feedback for Line drawing. The cursor changes to let you know if you are on top of a line or on top of a vertex without having to look anywhere else!


Line drawing sector creation changed in subtle ways - hopefully for the better. Please note these drawing differences: a) A normal drawing end (right mouse click) generates a new sector; b) pressing Ins to end a drawn area makes 1-sided lines; c) pressing Esc ends a drawn area and generates Linedefs that attempt to match the current sector area(s); d) pressing shift+right mouse click extends the sector a line is connected to or keeps the same sector assignment as the sector draw in (if there was one).


PALETTE lump in a PWAD can now override the default PALETTE in the IWAD. This new palette is used to display all the graphics and default colors used by DeePsea - including graphic conversions - so be careful.


DeePBSP modified to give a warning when the number of PSEGS exceeds 32k indicating that the level is not playable.


Testing option has new check box for testing with all files loaded. This lets you temporarily override the two test command defaults (Shift+F1 or Ctrl+F1).


New error checking option catches vertices placed on top of Linedefs but the Linedef was not split in addition to overlapped Linedefs - both are a common problem in WadAuthor levelsJ You can set this option in F5/Check or in F10/Error checking. This takes a bit longer to run, but worth the effort at least once.


Since the new DOOM ports support such large levels, overlap checking could take a long time. To solve this, overlap checking was revised to only check active lines. So now you get instant release even on slow (P200) systems. You can catch ALL overlap errors by using the new error checking added above.


X/Y offsets now +/- 32k.


Various defaults changed (since nobody reads the help) reflecting the most common question Iíve received. For example, the Paste option is now "Paste As Is".


Converting the DOOM.WAD using ZWADCONV and then using it for the project IWAD no longer gives warning messages when using ExMx level names.


Check made for low resolutions and a warning issued that DeePsea is designed for 800x600 and up for those that donít read the specsJ)


When the F5 option "Auto Load Levels" was not checked a dialog box asking for the level name could result in an invalid state IF the dialog box was cancelled. To prevent this from happening, this step has been deleted.


Floor texture value was not being changed in prefab


R and Shift+R scaling subcommands were not documented for the < > rotate commands.


Line drawing was not always creating new sectors, plus some references were wrong. Donít know how that got changed, but all better now and then some.


Accidently disabled some code in the Prefabs in 11.1+ that automatically assigns the correct sectors when enclosing a Prefab over another area. All the 11.1+ users will receive updates (thatís the version with the preliminary top tool bar).


Compiler introduced an error when converting textures (color matching) from one game to another. Error message was "colordib1 out of memory" Moved the variable and now it works. Weird stuff.


Thanks again to Nigel Rowand for testing and doing the graphics work on the new ToolBars.


And thanks to Steve Dudzik (aka LŁt) for giving me a giant level (18,000 LD) so I could fine tune the merging code for speed.





Prefab Tool pumpup, Thing Browser and Browser enhancements


Top menu Objects renamed to Prefab to make it clearer that Prefab tools are readily available with DeePsea. In other words, both prefabricated objects and line drawing are both available. Those who are familiar with Prefab tools may find it easier to start with the DeePsea prefabs (F9) and then try the direct drawing Tool (Ctrl+D). Direct drawing has the advantage of creating the shape desired, without having to spend time splitting and dragging a prefab.


F9 prefab tool menu revised to allow texture changes. Each type of object can be quickly customized for texture defaults. You can still use the F5 menu to set the same defaults.


Object preview added to F9 prefab tools, making angle rotation easier so there is less interactive rotation required.


F9 prefab tool menu extended to include the "double right click" tools. One type is direct with no dialog and is typically used for creating areas with no textures using the same sector height as the area drawn in (2-sided lines). The other type has a specification dialog and is typically used for creating areas with textures and with different sector heights.


Slight interactive keyboard command change for prefab tools for consistency. All +/- commands now zoom in the prefab tools. For Radius changes, use R and Shift+R. Press F1 in tool to see the commands.


Alt+A, Alt+R, Alt+P and Alt+D shortcut keyboard commands added for direct access to all prefab tools. These are in addition to the previous Ctrl+A, Ctrl+R, Ctrl+P and Ctrl+D shortcut keyboard commands.


Forgot to put prefab shortcut keys in Keyboard and Mouse Command Summary


Revised visual text feedback on raw flags showing state. This makes it easier to tell if the user flags are active.


Added Thing browser to Thing Editing. This bypasses the popup Thing menus and can make searching for Thing objects faster. List is optionally sorted via a new dialog check box.


All browsers extended with object name entry. Key in as much of the name as you remember and the closest match is shown. The prior single key browsing is still there too!


Extended support for levels that are missing components with appropriate error messages.


Online Help finally has screenshots! New style Windows htlm format help file available for separate downloading - see the download page.


Raw Flags in Things was ignored


Projects are reset for the new features.





Incredible sexy new TEXTURE and PWAD tools. PWAD Merging, PWAD Exporting, ZDOOM Script Compile, ZDOOM Script Decompile, faster editing dialogs and more as follows:


Instant, accurate TEXTURE merging at your fingertips. Besides 100% flexible importing of any file, the F7 Import/Merge tool has been pumped up to merge any number of TEXTUREx and PNAMES.


It merges all of them at one time into one TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lump.


There are no duplicates and no wasted space as Wintex produces on occasion.


Worried about texture merging mistakes that you didnít think of? The Import/Merge gives you a complete report on the merged texture names. Replacements, additions and errors are listed.


Do you use ZDOOM and have a cool idea for a cross hair? The Import/Merge can now take BMPs and convert them to the new ZDOOM IMG crosshair format.


Instant Easy IWAD or PWAD header creation. Import/Merge has a new option to create an IWAD or PWAD header.


The number of patches in the F7 Texture Edit Dialog has been expanded. The easiest and quickest method to edit texture patches is still there, but now the limit is 40 patches. Covers all the patches, except LITE3. You can use the graphics editor to combine more than that into one, for the occasional old PWAD that has moreJ


The new ports allow large texture sizes. To make it easy to see the full texture, the Texture Edit Dialog can be resized to display large textures and show exactly where the patches line up. Limited only by your screen size.


Making sure all the textures are valid is not only time consuming, but prone to mistakes. With the Texture Edit Dialog error checker, your worries are over.


The new error checking verifies to make sure all your patches exist and that no texture has a "hole".


In addition, the patches are "simulated" to make sure they consist of valid DOOM format graphics.


No more wasted time with repeated launching of the game trying to get everything working.


Getting lost in your custom TEXTURE and PNAMES? Check the Texture Edit Sort option and all the names will be sorted. This is for viewing only and does not affect the actual sequence of the names.


Do you like that BMP image? Put it in your level in a heart beat.


The new Graphic BMP conversion Tool instantly takes any number of BMP or PCX graphics (of any color depth) and not only converts them all into DOOM format graphic lumps, but also automatically adds them to the PNAMES, plus adds them to TEXTURE1 as a texture name.


You can now do in minutes what used to take hours (or days). Image resizing is automatic with limits controlled by you.


Want to see that monster on the WALL? Easy.


The new Textures from Graphics Tool can convert any graphics in PWADs that are not already used as a TEXTURE/PNAMES and automatically add them to PNAMES and make them a TEXTURE too.


Convert any monster into a TEXTURE in seconds! (Or use it as a patch on another texture.)


See a cool FLAT, but there is no matching texture? Convert FLATs instantly!


The new convert FLATS to textures tool can take any FLATs you have loaded (from PWADs) and convert them into a DOOM format graphic, add them as a TEXTURE name and automatically add them to PNAMES


All done automatically. There are 3 sizing options.


All PWAD manipulation tools automatically preserve the type of header: an IWAD or PWAD, keeping busywork to a minimum.


Have a PWAD that is disorganized with stuff all over the place? Make it look pretty and organized using the totally revised F7 Rename/Move PWAD manipulation tool. A quick overview of the new features:


Lump filtering for quick selective reorganization of any WAD.


WADS read are automatically checked for duplicate entries when you rearrange them (you will be surprised at how many WADs have duplicate entries).


Levels and lumps can be renamed and control elements inserted where required.


Need to take some elements from PWADs and separate them into individual files so you can customize them? The Export tool has a bunch of new features to help you out:


Extended to also export any levels that are loaded.


Supports new ZDOOM cross hair format


New option to create an IWAD or PWAD


New option to write all selected lumps into one WAD file


New filter to automatically separate different types of lumps into sound, mus/midi, graphics, flats, levels and other. Nothing is hardcoded and works for any game, lump or PWAD


Need to change some offsets? Sprite Editing has been extended too:


Change the offsets for the new ZDOOM cross hair format.


New option to automatically apply all offset changes.


PWADs that are Opened for editing are automatically checked for duplicate entries. All duplicates (and other errors) are created in a summary review format listing for quick and easy reference.


The new ports can have level names other than the traditional ExMx and MAPxx. The following level name support has been added:


Save As now lets you choose any level name you like.


Any level name is now automatically supported and preserved, regardless of the game. A warning message is given if the name does not conform to the standard names usually used.


The Import, Export and Rename Tools all support any level name.


Have a large screen and donít require the texture browsers to take up the whole screen?


a.    The renowned DeePsea Texture, Flat and Sprite browser windows are now all resizable.

b.    The size and window location are restored from session to session (just like the Thing, Sector and Linedef dialogs).


The Testing tool has been revised to accommodate the newer ports with more options:


New options to support long Windows file names (adds quotes)


Custom warp setting (for example +map levelnam)


Short file name option


Control over command line or response file file passing


Response file is stored where the IWAD is located (usually that should be a "short" file path name.


Trying to find a specific lump/level name in a sea of PWADs stored on your system can take a lot of time. The DeePsea Open Dialog already previews PWADs for you and we thought of something to make this process even faster! The Open Dialog has new lump name entry box allowing you to type in a name to quickly see if a PWAD contains that entry.


Want to clean up your list of files? The Open Dialog has a new Preview option, so you can use the Open dialog to also delete and rename files. Once you "see" what the contents of the file are, turn the preview off and now you can delete or rename instantly.


To help you edit the various ports, there are new predefined Projects for EDGE, ETERNITY, SKULLTAG, JDOOM, JHEXEN and JHERETIC. Customize the OPT configuration files as determined by the port. For Edge, look at the DDF lumps and then edit your EDGE.OPT files to define any custom specials. You can still create new Project files at any time for any port not listed.


Some new ports have some unusual methods of storing new information. For ports that store data into the contents of the level name (as in LEGACY and SMMU ETERNITY), there is New Support to write data into the contents of a LEVEL name. Use the F7 Save Lump File to Current level and choose the level map name as the lump to save to.


To see what is stored in the contents of a level name, you can export the contents of a LEVEL name (as above to a text file.


Support for GL nodes that use the GL_ prefix convention for the node names). You can set this option in any project - F5 GLnodes (Edge, JDOOM and some others use these). Renaming a level with GL nodes also renames the corresponding GL control name.


To make it easier to organize the specials, the OPT file categories have been expanded to 10 new Thing, 10 new LineDef and 6 new Sector categories. See the BOOM.OPT file for sample data.


BOOM has COLORMAPS and ZDOOM can have custom hexadecimal texture names to define "fog" and other special sector color blending. To help you remember them easier:


The new F5 user defined COLORMAP support lets you predefine up to 50 custom settings without having to remember them. Press F5, select Textures and click on "Create/Edit Colormap names".


C_START/C_END COLORMAP entries from PWADs are automatically loaded.


New display for user defined COLORMAP entries so you can recognize them instantly.


Weíve run across several levels with invalid graphics that could crash DeePsea (or DOOM ports). To help prevent this from happening, there is now improved error checking to catch invalid texture lumps. A special graphic clearly indicates a problem. (Use the Texture Edit error checker to give you a list of the invalid graphics.)


A new look for the LineDef/Sidedef editing dialogs making editing even easier, faster and prettierJ


Revised Thing editing to make it easier to change Thing arguments as well as more direct entry of TID and POLYID values.


The updated DeePACC compiler now supports the new ZDOOM extensions. It makes it easier to spot your mistake by listing the source line with the error.


Want to know how that new cool script is done? The revised DeePDEACC decompiler supports almost all the new ZDOOM extensions. You can now get source listings for almost any ZDOOM PWAD, even if the script source is not included.


The flexible new option to override the DeePACC compiler with another ACC compiler lets you instantly adapt to changes.


Now launch your favorite Graphics editor (like PSP) directly in the F7 menu. The editor name is set in F5 options.


The DeePsea popup menus automatically track the last special values used so you donít have to waste time hunting around. However, some desktops use custom fonts and/or custom font sizes, possibly making the default locations incorrect. To help compensate for this problem, a new adjustment field has been added to F5 Options. You can adjust the font and separator size in small increments to get the tracking to work properly.


DeePBSP detects polyobjects and attempts to minimize sector splitting where they exist. However, if the polyobject is directly on a line, itís possible that the wrong sector is calculated. If you uncheck "Show Nodebuild", a new option lets you always view the results showing all the polyobjects detected. Check your level and verify the locations. You may have to move the polyobject over 1 unit to get correct detection.


Fixed memory issues for some systems that would report no contiguous physical memory resulting in a "o allocation" error.


Fixed ++ multiple sector selection (sorry about the delay).


Fully Tested to work with XP.


And a special thanks for the work by Nigel Rowand for helping to test all these features and suggesting detail changes here making this release so feature rich.





BIG BLOCKMAP options, new Relative Light Level and Relative Change Control Sector Cmds, new NoMode setting and more.


BOOM and some BOOM derivatives can have a blockmap size larger than 64kb, with the maximum being 128kb. There is a new option in F5/Nodes where you can set the option to let DeePBSP process large BLOCKMAPs without giving an error message. This streamlines development.


Ins key in LineDef mode revised to both automatically add 2nd sidedefs and create new sector for all LineDefs selected, regardless of surrounding area.


Global Sector incremental Light level changes can now be made. Select the Sectors to modify, then press Ctrl+PageUp to increase the light level and Ctrl+PageDown to decrease the light level. Both of these stop when any Sector reaches the limit, thus preserving the relative light difference of the sectors selected. Use Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End to force the lighting past the boundary. The default light increment value is set in F5/Texture.


Added Relative Change Control ++ and -- prefixes (similar to WadAuthor). This provides relative Sector lighting and height changes similar to the short cut keys. Please see Relative Change Control for more information.


New NoMode setting to edit different objects without having to select a specific mode. Press Shift+N to activate. Press L, S, T, V to go back to specific edit settings (or Shift+N again). Watch the bottom display to see the type of object selected. You can edit this object exactly the same as in a specific editing mode. You probably will want to increase the Thing and Vertex object select range to make it easier to switch objects (F5/map).


Revised Object selection makes it easier to select objects not native to the current editing mode, for example, a vertex in LineDef mode (so you can drag it).


Changed Linedrawing Esc command behavior. Esc now adds the Sidedefs before exiting. This speeds up map corrections where you delete some lines and add new ones back in. The new Esc simplifies drawing partial lines back.


Drawing Exit Dialog (right click) for a single line can now create a LineDef with SideDefs matching the different Sector references on two sides. This is used in areas where the line crosses (or replaces a deleted line) where the sector on Side1 is different from the Sector on Side2.


The F5/Map, Thing Select Range and Vertex Select Range were backwards. Please verify your settings.


Special thanks to Rob Berkowitz for taking the time to send me some screenshots and a very large level, to resolve a line intersection glitch on some angled lines.


Documentation changes and additions, a never ending quest. Please see How to Edit DOOM levels using ZDOOMHEXEN project for how to edit DOOM levels using the new ZDOOM features.


Hexen specification documentation put in DeePseaís online Help file.


Help file information emphasizing that the original Windows 95 without any patches does NOT work correctly. User must get the free patches from Microsoft or upgrade to a newer version of Windows.


If you have registered DeePsea 10.20, you can download just the new DeePBSP and install it in your DeePsea directory. The only difference is that you will get always get a message if you have a BLOCKMAP over 64kb, but it will work ok.


Revised order form noting that credit card purchases are now only supported online via PayPal.


All users who registered since December 1, 2000 are eligible for a free upgrade to 10.21.


1.    This release creates new Project files, so please reset the F5 options to your current preferences.





STUNNING New Features for IMPORTING & EXPORTING files and lumps - a complete NWT & WINTEX replacement and then some; New extended Shareware features - and a lot lot more.


The Export Lump Dialog is now awesome. Not only can you change the lump sort with a quick button click, but you can select multiple lumps at a time. Then push the button of your choice and export them all at once. Not only that, thereís an AUTO feature that automatically differentiates between lump type, performs the appropriate conversion and selects the file extension. Easier and more flexible than NWT or Wintex. Please see Export Dialog Lump


A new Import Lump Dialog is equally stunning. It really should be call Super Grouping! This new feature makes assembling individual files into a PWAD a snap. BMP and PCX files are automatically converted to DOOM format graphics. MUS and MID files are optionally converted to MUS or MID - your choice. WAV and SND files are optionally converted to either WAV or SND, again you decide. Multiple FILE selections can be done in one step. Any file can be imported, including other PWADs. Please see Import Dialog Lump


Imported BMP graphics can be any color depth and size. DeePsea automatically proportionally scales an imported graphic to the maximum size of 1024 x 508. Yes, thatís right you can create a single DOOM format graphic that is 508 tall. You can set the maximum image size as well as the miminum image size to create. There is also an adjustment for imported Gamma Correction yet still stay with the original game palette (a unique feature). You can set any custom transparency color desired - more for matching old graphic files. See the Import Dialog for more information.


Importing and Exporting MUS and MIDI files have two new variable TEMPOs that can be set for each type of conversion. The MIDI2MUS conversion tool is (optionally) automatically linked to when importing a MIDI file.


The Rename/Ins/Delete dialog revised to conform to the Import Dialog style. This dialog now also saves by explicit command - rather than writing immediate changes. Please see Rename Dialog Lump


The unique Graphics Drawing tool now can import RAW lump data for pasting in addition to BMP and PCX files. Of course RAW lump data has to already be in the correct game palette, since there is no palette with the raw dataJ (Note: If you want to use graphics from another game, use the graphics converter to get instant translations).


The Graphics Drawing tool revised to recalculate all images for more flexiblity in saving.


Renaming, moving, deleting and adding Lumps to an existing PWAD now can process the PWAD file you are currently editing. Please see Rename Dialog Lump


Sprite Offset Editing dialog revised to work with any texture/sprite file. Select the file and then selectively set the offsets. This tool can also quickly browse ALL the texture/sprite images in any file.


Integration of all the Lump manipulation tools in one Dialog. The old Edit menu locations still exist, but F7 is an easier way to manage your PWAD data - since all the tools are on that menu.


Finally figured out how to get around the Windows drawing limits so now the maximum zoom is 32000 (32x) for very tight areas.


The DOS PaintShop Pro (PSP) and binary palette export has been added to DeePsea. This command is in the Graphics Drawing section (F7).


File browsing now recognizes and previews raw Lumps even if they are not in a PWAD. As with the prior and unique DeePsea PWAD preview, this logical extension makes it a snap to manage all the LMP resources. You can see, hear and smell themJ


There are NO shareware limits for Drawing, Converting, Exporting & Importing Graphics - the better to let you discover that DeePsea can perform the WAD composition tasks claimed!


New Sector Editing Dialog provides faster access. The original style was only to make it easier for DEU users to learn DeePseaJ


visual crosshair when dragging Things making it easier to tell the where the center is located. Very useful for accurately placing PolyObjects!


New visual Tool cursor making it easier to tell if you are still executing one of the object Tools (e.g., predefined, doors, stairs or other objects).


New * (asterisk) command to toggle solid or transparent Thing circles (see Q command also). If transparent, you can see the map lines under the circle.


Default (for a new installation) changed to numbering PolyObjects. See the K (mask) command to change the default.


Now PolyObject/Tid/Map numbers are displayed in ALL modes, not just Thing mode (display option is set with K mask command).


New Tool parameter passing keywords to make generic tool commands - see User Tool Creation


New feature to drag Things in any editing mode as well as Vertices. Please set the Thing Select mode in F5 options for the selection sensitivity desired.


All display modes now use the Q command to toggle the Thing display the same way. I was worried about people not reading the help and asking where the "pictures" went. Well READ itJ


F5 map option has a new variable to control the Thing select range.


New disabling of either automatic Vertex or automatic Thing drag selection in any mode by entering 0.0 in the variable range in F5 map for either one.


If you want it to be very tight, enter 0.5 for the select ranges. Conversely, if you want more leeway, enter 3.0. It depends on your monitor resolution and how close together you put objects.


Experience the joy of Direct Level Testing from within DeePsea. This is now enabled on the Shareware version for levels that are within Shareware editing limits.


Enjoy the time saving TOOL menu. Itís now enabled on the Shareware version for levels that are within the shareware editing limits. Quickly launch custom Tools with just the parameters you need.


See how easy it is to Group Files. The Grouping command is now enabled on the Shareware version for levels and files that are within the shareware editing limits.


The Shareware version now letís you create a new IWAD replacing any lumps using files you have loaded using the same Shareware considerations as Grouping.


Not listed are dozens of little detail improvements polishing the DeePsea interface to an even easier standard than before.


Special thanks to Nigel Rowand for suggestion and motivation to create the improved DeePsea Lump importing & exporting. Of course he had to pay the price of being a beta testerJ


Also thanks to Scott Bailey for suggesting the MIDI tempo variables.


Next to do: CPU2000 and the DOOM->HEXEN converter are going to be revised. These programs are separate from DeePsea and can be dowloaded from our web page when they are posted.







2.    In making the rorDOOM changes, screwed up the save if no nodes were being built (rorBSP) did something ununusual with vertices.


3.    Changed it to a mixture of the old and new. Changes made that do not involve geometry changes now save again.


Forgot to mention that the registered version now minimizes during testing. Various other small cosmetic refresh changes to clarify DeePseaís state. For example, an hourglass cursor displays while nodes are being built and when the automatic line intersection routine is determining new sector assignments. Both of these can take some time on large levels - MAP05 in the DOOM2000 (TNT) being a good example.





More Floating Point conversions; new easy AUTHORing, SCRIPTing and LUMP content saving and control.


With all the detailed levels being made now and the fact that almost everyone has a PII, more routines were switched to floating point calculations eliminating the rounding error present for lines only 1 unit long. This makes accurate sector determination more precise in those instances where the lines are very short.


There was a typo in the line crossing code that under some circumstances could lock up DeePsea for a large level where Undo was used.


DeePBSP has the same floating point modifications made for finding PolyObjects more precisely.


New feature to save the contents of any file using any lump name to the current PWAD being edited. Typically this would be a text file, but it can be any format desired. You select the lump name and then the file to get the contents from. This is different from the Insert a Lump in a PWAD since that is for a file you are NOT editing.


New predefined SNDSEQ saving and editing commands.


New predefined ANIMDEFS saving and editing commands.


New feature to save the ACS script file to the current PWAD being editing using the SCRIPTxx lump names created in v10.0.


ACC compiler limits increased as follows (both HEXEN & ZDOOM):

a. The maximum number of scripts in a map is now 256 (was 64).

b. The maximum number of variables per map is now 256 (was 32).

c. The maximum number of world variables is now 256 (was 64).

d. The maximum number of strings is now 1024 (was 64).


Things displayed on the map always have a crosshair to make it easier to see where the center is at all times.


Polyobjects no longer have an angle drawn since the "angle" is the PolyID, not an angle.


Dropped highlighted angle from Things, since angle is already displayed with the "circle" arrow. If anybody wants this back, let me know and it will be an option.


ZDOOM is confusing some, since there are two distinct types of maps you can make. The ZDOOM and ZDOOMHEXEN projects are NOT the same. You should use the ZDOOM project if you are making DOOM/BOOM type levels and the ZDOOMHEXEN project if you are making levels with HEXEN line types etc.


The error messages indicating a DOOM level read into a HEXEN project or a HEXEN level read into a DOOM project have been clarified to help people realize what they are doing.


The original MAPINFO and SNDINFO lumps were designed for a pure HEXEN project environment IWAD. ZDOOM using a DOOM IWAD does not have a native MAPINFO and SNDINFO data, thus it was not being processed correctly. Now even for ZDOOM-HEXEN mode levels, the 3 special lumps (counting SNDSEQ) can now be edited, created and saved with no fuss.


There is a new AUTHORxx lump, where xx represents the 2 digits in MAPxx or ExMx. This is a text lump that can be used to describe the level(s) in a PWAD. (see notes below).


All of the new LUMP features are integrated in two new dialogs for easy access and fast functionality. The file menu access both options and the F6 and F7 keys are shortcut keys. F7 is new and replaces the prior use.


For the Registered version, -iwad is automatically added the first time a level is tested


If ErrorLog is over 64kb, you can launch your own viewer.




Each level can have a unique AUTHORxx lump. The contents of the lump are up to you. Typically this consists of a description of your level, the author, credits, copyrights and so forth.


Check out the File menu for the three options available: editing, exporting and saving the AUTHOR lump.


You can also use this to keep track of modifications/history and other documentation and keep it conveniently with the level at all times.





New features simplify and speed up Drawing and help make rorDOOM (room-over-room) construction easier.


While reviewing the new DeePsea linedrawing methods, it became clear that some old code is no longer required. In addition, the tools created for line intersection code enabled us to add some more features.


Added visual onscreen vertex selected box in addition to menu bar information.


The new vertex selection now also plays a sound. You can turn this off in F5 sounds. You can also change the sound played to one of the other 9 sounds.


While doing the above, realized that the new drawing features made it unnecessary to check for overlapping vertices any longer. This both speeds up exiting drawing mode (no check is done now) and makes it easier to draw stuff closer together without changing the merge variables.


The Sector used as the drawing model is now always the first good Sector encountered. So if you start in a valid Sector you will slice the first good sector floor & ceiling through all the LineDefs you cross. Press the Shift key on the last line and ALL created sectors will be the same (assuming F5 Sector Join is not active, otherwise the opposite occurs).


LineDef merging now works for both short-to-long lines and long-to-short lines.


In cleaning up a progress bar for error checking, inadvertently changed Pack Sidedef/ Pack Sector progress bar.


LineArc tool had wrong angle in some cases.


Added 2 more ZDOOM-HEXEN mode LineDef flags to dialogs and onscreen hot buttons so direct entry flag data box does not have to be used. These are the Line activated by monsters and Players and Blocks everything (including guns/missiles).


Added merge vertices to Checking option since there appear to be many maps where some WAD editor created vertices with the same coordinates. Usually, these are areas that should have been merged (for example, the junction of 2 or more lines).


In addition, LineDefs that are on top of each other also appear to be fairly common. The revised checking makes it easier to get rid of both of these automatically and rapidly.


And on the other side of the spectrum there are 2 new options to let you do just that (ror- room over room-Doom takes advantage of this):


New Vertex Split option (set in F5 project options) permits separate control over vertex LineDef overlap checking when dragging.


New Vertex Merge option (set in F5 project options) permits separate control over letting vertices and linedefs merge if they are on top of one another.


Of course, if you want to have duplicate Vertices and Linedefs you donít want DeePseaís error checker to complain. So there are 2 new error checking options:


The new Check Duplicate LineDefs and Check Duplicate Vertices take care of this option.


All of these new features are made feasible by the huge leap in PC performance this past year.





New Name, New Styles and Lots of New Features


DeeP97 has a new name - DeePsea - marking both a change in style and a new century for DOOM.


New vertex dragging in any editing mode. If you have not selected an object, you can move any vertex if you are close to it. The Vertex selection range is controlled by Vertex Select Range in F5 Map options. This makes it easier to modify maps without having to switch editing modes. To make this even easier, an easy to read vertex status box is constantly displayed so you know when you have a vertex ready to drag.


Check this out! New F5 option Automatic Draw Intersections lets you draw across lines without stopping. Yes, you can draw across the lines like youíve always wanted to do. All the missing vertices are automatically created. This may take some time on slower machines and larger levels so you can disable it if you like.


New F5 option New Intersection Sectors works in conjunction with 3 above. If enabled, lines that cross other lines assign new sectors to as many new enclosed areas as possible.


A frequently asked for feature is now here - the new Circle Drawing tool. Instantly create an arc from an existing LineDef by pressing Shift+C (or selecting from F8 Misc Menu). The arc is from a Ĺ circle to a section of arc.


Drawing Select Range and Overlap Tolerance are now floating point values permitting finer control over the new drawing options.


Drawing object feedback showing you if you are on top of an existing vertex or are on top of an existing line. This makes it easier for precision work splitting lines or selecting existing vertices.


Highlight Line Thickness variable from 1 to 3 units thick - makes it easier to work in small areas. This replaces the old map thickness (press F5 to set). Color results vary according to your desktop color resolution and video drivers.


Vertex size reduced at high magnification - makes it easier to work in small areas.


Dialogs simplified where direct entry is possible - for example, the SideDef reference is directly accessible. Similarly tags and sector light and heights can be directly entered.


Dialog information and editing feedback improved.


Direct playing of WAV and MID files from any PWAD when browsing.


Direct playing of WAV and MID files when exporting.


Direct Saving of WAV and MID lumps (without having to know what they are).


Automatic generation of "SCRIPT##" lump entries to keep them all separate for inspection.


New F5 Option to save all SCRIPTS as SCRIPT##, where ## is the MAP## of the level. This makes it much simpler and easier to keep the source for scripts in a PWAD with multiple levels.


Rename/Ins/Move/Delete Lump names generates Unique SCRIPT## entries so each one can be moved or deleted. We suggest that SCRIPTS not be used as a lump entry, instead create SCRIPT## names where the ## is the same as the MAP## for the level. This also makes it more compatible with more WAD tools.


New eight user predefined user Tool commands (registered version only) to quickly and conveniently access frequently used external programs.


Doom format audio with 44100 sampling rates now supported.


Dummy Blank FLAT now created in Graphics Drawing. Draw or paste on top of the "blank" to make your FLATs unique.


New F5 option to make Left Mouse Click same as OK (for most dialogs). This was the previous default. For the new dialog boxes, some may prefer to disable this option.


In F5 colors, a name changed from "MenuColor" to DialogFill to make the purpose clearer. This color is used to fill the background color of dialogs with graphics.


In F5 colors 6 additional color options created to control the fill, text, text background, texture fill and select colors in browser dialogs.


AutoCenter now has 3 operating modes - None, Coordinates and Object. Coordinates centers on the Mouse Cursor location, Object centers on the current object and None of course does no automatic centering. The current AutoCenter status is displayed on the bottom information line - use \ to toggle between the three options.


Splitting a line by drawing a vertex on top of an existing line keeps the new vertex positioned on the line, even if you are off a bit. See F5 options for setting the Drawing Select Range. The Drawing Select Range determines the sensitivity for drawing in determining if a vertex is on top of an existing line.


Toggles the same as Windows maximize/restore button.


F11 brings up a list of all the shortcut keyboard command. Please review this list. It is the quicket way to get an overview of all the commands available.


All texture, sprite and map browsers have control buttons added for the convenience of pure mouse usersJ


Expert mode has even fewer prompts and warnings. Just be sure you know what you are doingJ


Lots of cosmetic changes, for example, the Screensaver and About.





Added raw flag editing


Added raw flag edit box to Things and LineDefs. If you enter a value in this box, it overrides any other changes! This change makes it possible to key in any future flag changes.


Added some more types to OPT file (Sound, ALLkeys, ANYkey) to improve error checking flexibility.


Polyobject onscreen numbered display mask setting is now saved. Use the K mask command to set.


ZDOOM opt file has additional either key or skull LineDef types added.


ZDOOM opt file has additional properties set for the error checker.


New graphical display of Things in any Editing mode - except Things. Q command toggles with 3 different display types. (Finally copied from DOS version - forgot about it).


Revised documentation.






Oops - Forgot ZDOOM sector flags


Forgot about the ZDOOM sector flags in HEXEN mode. While fixing that decided to revise and add some more features.


ZDOOM sector flags in popup menu are now correct.


New Sector flags are quickly and easily accessable on the bottom information box too.


Rules for flag setting in the bottom information boxes has been changed (for Things, LineDefs and Sectors). If multiple objects are selected, only the flag changes are propagated to all the other objects. All the other flag settings are not changed - even if the object you are editing has them set.


New option added to turn off map scrolling while the cursor is in the information boxes on the bottom. This makes it easier to click on the buttons without accidently moving the map. The default is to not scroll in the boxes. To change it back to the prior action see: F5 Enable Map Move Info Boxes. Another way to flip scrolling back and forth is to toggle the information boxes (using the I command). This removes the information and then the cursor will scroll.


If multiple objects are selected and the cursor is moved to the information box area, the last object selected is automatically displayed. Reminder: if using the bottom information boxes to change flags (etc) on a single object, hold down the shift key to keep the current object focused (otherwise it can shift objects as you move the cursor down to the box/flags).


DeePís version of the ACC compiler has been modified to accept the new ZDOOM commands. DeeP97ís version of this compiler is required for compilations launched from the built-in compile menu.


Revised ZDOOMHEXEN.OPT file and added defaults argument settings where appropriate. Edit the default values to suit your taste.


Statistics screen for ZDOOM/HEXEN levels made easier to read. You need at least 800x600 resolution to view all the statistics.


ZDOOM HEXEN keys and player starts checked correctly in error checker.


Revised internal structure for ZDOOM levels in HEXEN mode so you can have multiple levels with different ACC scripts at the same time.


Fixe NEW command for ZDOOM Hexen levels.


Fixed a typo in the ZDOOM thing classes (lost 2 classes).


PRJ project files now have correct default EXE names (ZDOOM.exe, BOOM.exe)


DeepBSP had a typo for ZDOOM polyobject support (helps make them work better - experiment with node types, e.g., Type 3 with a factor of 32 if they donít work).


Script Decompile gives error message for ZDOOM object scripts. Decompiler will be updated to ZDOOM specs as time permits.


You can use a DOOM2 IWAD that has been converted to ZDOOM HEXEN format as the main editor default IWAD.


Safety check for Grouped files with levels incompatible with current game. A group save is disabled if this occurs since that would create a grouped PWAD file with different level formats.





Complete ZDOOM and File enhancements


DeeP97 now supports ALL ZDOOM options, including the new flags available in Hexen mode.


1. The total number of addon files is now 99 (up from 56 - registered only). More advanced users will find this especially handy when doing massive level and graphic replacements.


2. From beginner to advanced user, itís easy to use ZDOOM features. The ZDOOM and BOOM projects are automatically created on startup. The ZDOOM & BOOM options and OPT control file names are automatically set when you select either of these. (Press F5 to view and change these options for custom values).


3. New OPT description files matching the current ZDOOM in DOOM mode and in Hexen mode. You can add or edit additional features to the ZDOOM.OPT or ZDOOMHEXEN.OPT files as required.


4. For 242 and 334 ZDOOM LineDef types, texture names consisting of hex RRGGBB values are valid. An approximation of the RRGGGBB color value is shown taking a lot of the guesswork out of this cool ZDOOM feature.


5. DeePBSP now supports the new ZDOOM Hexen mode polyobjects making it somewhat easier to get them the work<g>.


6. A new option - Map Scroll Delay - has been added to slow the map scrolling speed (press F5, then select MAP). This is particularly useful for the faster systems now available.


7. The internal system benchmark has been replaced by CPU2000 - our own quick system benchmark utility. It will be posted to our website for downloading when we are done with a graphic test anomaly. Currently we are minimizing (to the extent possible) the graphic queuing employed by Nvidia drivers that give misleading results.


Note: This version has new control files. The standard ones are automatically reset, however, please reconfigure any custom project (PRJ) or Texture (TCF) and reconfigure the editing options to your taste.





ZDOOM Hexen mode extensions


1. ZDOOM will include the option to play maps constructed using the HEXEN map format. This includes most of the HEXEN specials. Some Things like polyobjects and scripts are not done yet. Please review ZDOOM documentation.


The new ZDOOMHEXEN.OPT file has most of the new specials (beyond normal HEXEN) that are also supported. This is NOT the same as the regular ZDOOM.OPT file. ZDOOM in HEXEN mode has a BEHAVIOR resource (the script code). For now, only 1 map at a time can be edited in this mode (there is only one BEHAVIOR resource if multiple MAPxx numbers are loaded).


2. Enable the new ZDOOM option in F5 Project control. You need to have the DOOM2 IWAD selected for extended ZDOOM support.


3. Added more Category names to LineDefs and Sectors to support ZDOOM extensions.


4. Extended error messages if the OPT file has a bad category keyword name so you can find your mistakes easier.


5. Hexen can now also have new LineDef/Sector categories and new entries (a byproduct of ZDOOM in Hexen mode).


6. Added Ctrl+L command. This both flips a LineDef (ctrl+F) and swaps Sidedefs (Ctrl+S). This is a short cut for the Misc menu command that does the same thing.


7. Added adjustment to recognize Slige levels. Slige builds the level with missing control information, causing DeeP97 and other DOOM utility programs to either mallfunction or not recognize the Slige level.


8. Spent a bunch of money on newest RoboHelp and fixed ALL the help links. Used it to create an HTML version of help and posted on website.





Special request added


John Bishop asked us for a command to reset wall and ceiling textures to stored defaults (like ctrl+e in DCK). This release is the result of that and a bit more.


Be sure to review all the keyboard commands available in DeeP97. Itís easy : Select Help from the top menu and select Keyboard Summary. You can print this for quick reference.


The Texture (TCF) files are just like motifs. There is no limit to the number one can have. Similarly there is no limit to the number of user defined Projects (PRJ). Each project points to a Texture default file.


Use the Texture Group Option (F5 or Options) to save different TCF configurations and load ones to suit the task at hand. Just type in a different TCF name and DeeP97 automatically creates a new one for you.


1. Added O command. Copies current Wall or Sector texture defaults to current LineDefs (both sides) or Sectors Selected. Use F5 (texture) to change the defaults.


2. Added shift+O command. Just like O, except it only does sidedef 1.and the Ceiling.


3. Added ctrl+O command. Just like O, except it only does sidedef 2.and the floor.


4. Added new wall and ceiling default textures for use with the above new commands. These are the new Dup texture names in the F5 texture dialog.


5. For fun, added various game Midi sounds at startup (About DeeP97 & ScreenSaver dialog). The Play Midi box in F5 options controls the setting.


6. Noticed that not all the help topics where showing up in the windows help index. After horsing around for 6 hours, I think they all show up now (very weird).


7. Windows 32 bit API still has 16 bit limits here and there, so if the optional error checking log got too big, nothing would show. This is now detected and a warning is issued. You can use WordPad (not NotePad) to view the complete DeePErrorLog file.


Note : This version has new control files. The standard ones are automatically reset, however, please reconfigure any custom project (PRJ) or Texture (TCF) and reconfigure the editing options.





ZDOOM, more BOOM Stuff & command request Fulfillment


1. Expanded OPT file overrides to include 5 new Thing categories with 30 entries each, 5 new Sector categories with 20 entries each. The new ZDOOM.OPT file uses these new features (for the current ZDOOM 1.14), but you can do this for any of the DOOM ports. Opt (Creating New Thing, LineDef and Sector descriptions


2. Automatic BOOM C_START and C_END in a PWAD to pickup additional colormap and translucency map textures. DOOM2.OPT file can still specify these for the 242 linedefs, but this makes it easier once you have created these entries.


Use the Rename/Ins/Move/Delete Lumps command in the Edit menu to create the C_START/C_END entries surrounding your colormap and translucency map names (after you group the entries with your PWAD). Refer to BOOM documentation.


3. Revised Dialog boxes for Textures/Flats so single tab key moves from text box to select list box. Makes it easier for keyboard users to go from one to the other. Same enhancement for Texture and Pname Editing dialog.


4. Added Alt+T command for instant Tag number entry.


5. Added Misc (top menu or F8) commands to renumber selected LineDefs or Sectors starting from 0. Mainly for experienced designers. The first entry selected is renumbered to 0, the second to 1, etc.


6. Added Sprite COLORMAP indicator to texture preview window


7. Added new Options selection to top menu bar (moving some choices from the File menu - so watch your fingers) giving 640x480 users full access to all menu commands. I may have missed some documentation here that may still refer to the File menu.


8. Export MUS Lumps to MID files. Select Export Lump in File menu.


9. Added option to create an ErrorCheck log file. The last error log file can be viewed any time. See Check Options (both F5 and F10).


10. Added list of last 20 files accessed to Open in File Menu. File Menu is revised slightly to make accessable for all resolutions. Again, please review, for example the old "Reset All Files" is now "Close All Files". There is a new Reset Recent List command for clearing the recent file list.


11. Fixed mistake in COLORMAP display that always showed COLORMAP sprite for external textures (late registered 9.75 only - send registered letter for free upgrade).


Note : This version has new control files. The standard ones are automatically reset, however, please reconfigure any custom project files (PRJ) and reconfigure the editing options.







1. DOSDOOM2.OPT configuration file for DOSDOOM port Things. Remember, you can modify and create your own OPT files as the various source ports evolve. Each can have their own configuration file. Just create a separate project for each one and then assign each project a different OPT file. For LEGACY, make a LEGACYDOOM.OPT file as it evolves.


2. DeeP97 can make the SKY sizes required by LEGACYDOOM (for looking up). In addition, DeeP97 can convert any PCX (or BMP) to DOOM format too! Please tell the LEGACY guys<g>.


DeeP97 does all the graphic changes and a lot more. You also donít need NWT nor Wintex to make graphic changes.


Open the DOSDOOM DOOM3.WAD or DOSDOOM.WAD if youíd like to modify anything in either one of those (see Group command). You can easily export the entries in these special WADs as graphics or lumps for custom editing too.


3. BOOM colormap support enhanced to show special sprite in texture display (see DOOM2.OPT for specifying your own colormap names).


4. Negative tags are now supported. The LEGACY variation uses this as a hack right now for water.


5. New CW3230MT DLL for Borland 5.02. Revised all utils to use new DLL.


6. Fixed selection of last object if AutoSelect was turned off (this option is normally not set - may just get rid of that option - let me know if anyone uses this).


7. BOOM locked door dialog had Blue & Yellow key reversed because BOOMREF.TXT has them reversed. Blue and Yellow Skull were reversed too due to my typo.


8. Top and bottom information lines revised. Level and filename now show on top line of main window, freeing up bottom space allowing more detailed status information for lower resolutions.


9. Paste PWAD path default was not being used.





BOOM 2.01 new Things


1. Revised DOOM2.OPT file for Things.


2. Added new options in DOOM2.OPT processing


a. Set type of thing

b. Change category names

c. Delete and add menu items


Version 9.73 users should just change the 4001 and 4002 things to 5001 and 5002 (the new BOOM values). The 4000 player starts can be added in the existing controller section. BOOM does not support the extra player starts yet.


3. Detailed levels statistics now include new Thing category and player start information.


4. Shareware hot browser now plays MUS in WAD files for complete midi, sound and graphics information for easy file editing (already in registered 9.73).





Official BOOM version support and a bit more


We now have our very own url: Please note the change in your browsers.


We wanted to make a clear version number change when BOOM was officially out. Final set of BOOM LineDef types supporting the official release of BOOM added to the DOOM2.OPT file. Prior registered users of version 9.72+ just need to add this file to be current.


Some of the entries in the registered 9.72+ were not in the prior shareware version (but were in the registered version), so look below for all the additions now also in the shareware version.


This release also adds the following new shoft cut commands for those who got used to these<g>:


1. shift+T Directly change the Type of LineDef, Sector or Thing


2. New quick method for setting Textures on LineDefs and Sectors. For details see Texture Setting on bottom display tex


3. New entry in DOOM2.OPT for automatic and safe BOOM colormap entries. Refer to Opt (Creating New Thing, LineDef and Sector descriptions for details.


4. New Paste As Is option for more experienced users. Turning the option on does not delete sidedefs, even if there is no valid Sector detected in the paste region. Press F5 to set


5. New Hide Invisible Line toggle for LineDef display, press F12.


6. Hot browser now plays MUS in WAD files for complete midi, sound and graphics information for easy file editing.







The BEST BOOM Support in the World is HERE


Note : For 9.72+, you need to enable both BOOM support and OPT file processing in F5 options to prevent inadvertent use of facilities not provided by DOOM.


1. User supplied overrides in the OPT file was revised for much greater flexibility. You can now create and define your own new categories and names as well as rename existing ones (DOOM only). Plus you can add menu separators for easier reading.


2. Support for new predefined modified BOOM DOOM LineDefs. Opt (Creating New Thing, LineDef and Sector descriptions


3. Lots of BOOM support (easy to use and it looks pretty too!)


a. Manually entered Sector and LineDef types can be from 0 to 65537.

b. You can add 30 new LineDef types in each of 9 user named categories to predefine up to 270 of your new favorites (added in file DOOM2.OPT).

c. For each LineDef you can specify unique DeeP97 attributes such as RAISEFLOOR or TELEPORT to enable texture checking not done anywhere else.

d. You can extend rename existing LineDef Categories.

e. You can extend existing LineDef categories up to a total of 30 entries per category (includes existing information).

f. New dynamic LineDef description.

g. New dynamic Sector description

h. New LineDef menu options for all possible combinations.

i. New Sector menu options for all possible combinations.

j. Error check supports BOOM LineDef types.

k. LineDef Flags extended both in the interactive dialog and the quick check flag buttons exclusive to DeeP97.

l. Thing Flags extended both in the interactive dialog and the quick check flag buttons exclusive to DeeP97.

m. New Insert a Lump file directly into a PWAD. Now you can quickly insert the new BOOM SWITCHES, ANIMATED, WATERMAP or any other Lump without making it a PWAD first.


4. All the BOOM LineDef entries we know about are now supplied. See DOOM2.OPT for more details.


5. For DOOM only, you can add 30 new Things and 30 new Sector types in the OPT file in each user named category . This supports the new DOOM code modifications such as GLDOOM or BOOM. For Things, you can now set the Color, Radius and Height.


6. New option to display Thing Ids, LineDef type and Sector special numbers as decimal or hexadecimal. Menu popup lists also display in hex. For some this may be preferred when experimenting with different values. Press F5 to set.


7. You can now enter the value in hex or decimal if you choose to enter types directly for Things, LineDefs or Sectors. Place an X in front of the value, for example : X001A


8. You can now make up your own OPT file names. Press F5 and set. In this way you can easily have different favorite setups or different modified DOOM derivative selections.


9. New option to select the EXE file to support any of the new DOOM derivatives. Type in the correct EXE name where shown on the testing dialog or use the new Browse button to quickly find the game.


10. Registered Version only: Automatic DOOM95 detection was changed. Key in the DOOM95.EXE name if you want to use DOOM95. This is a bit more flexible in that you can have both versions in the same directory now.


11. New option to set/disable BOOM support. The default is on. Turn it off to edit normal DOOM and other DOOM modifications. Menus are then shorter. Press F5 to set.


12. Enhanced Display and Error Checking for BOOM LineDef tag associations. Shows LineDef<->LineDef highlights and makes correct checks.


13. New option in Error Checker to bypass LineDef & Sector type checking.


14. Support for up to 99 maps in an IWAD.


15. Hex file dump and print enhanced for instant access to all files. Specify offset ranges to dump. Especially handy for poking around Quake and Quake2 format files.


16. New option to bypass short line checking. Either F5 (Checks) or F10. The prior short line length in F5 (Maps) is still used if short line checking is enabled.


17. New Command to Renumber all Tags in a level. Handy for quickly fixing levels with high tag numbers so itís easier to key in and check. See File Menu.


18. New option to also show line lengths when dragging in Sector mode. New maximum limit is 100.


19. New option to set vertex select range when Drawing so you donít have to change the Object Select range for drawing lines shorter than 4 units. Set in F5 Options (Map) as Drawing Select Range. This is a boon for experienced designers who draw short lines for detail.


20. Added more Benchmark measurements. 32MB system is suggested for video benchmarks (see help).


a. Graphics testing was enhanced to defeat bitmap caching resulting in more realistic numbers than those reported by Wintune or Winbench.

b. Cpu performance split between int32, int16, FP single, FP double

c. 100kb memory test added


21. Some more minor format changes for easier use.


Note : As always if the release of BOOM may require changes, all 9.70-9,72 registered users are eligible for any adjustment required for the first non-beta release of BOOM.





Minor additions


1. Texture search and replace has 3 new options. Search and replace only Upper, Normal or Lower textures (All is the same as before).


2. Sector floor can be directly made higher than the ceiling (shift+PageUp/PageDown always let you do that).


3. Changed GROUP command back to replacing lumps in the same sequence as found in the original files. This keeps sprites between S_START and S_END. A solution for the prior version is to use the Rename/Ins/..PWAD Lumps option in the Edit menu to move the lump names from the end of the list to the correct location.


4. Texture Drawing Window Close button was not closing.


5. Minor documentation and cosmetic changes.






Now Sprites are easy to set too!


1. Sprite Offsets can now be easily modified. Select Edit menu, Sprite Name Edit option. Duck simple.


2. Modified Linedrawing so the F5 Map options "Object Select range" only applies if lines shorter than 4 units are drawn. If you draw lines shorter than 4 units set this value to 1.


3. Added safety check when adding new patch names to make sure the existing patch name indexes in TEXTURE1/2 are valid.


4. TEXTURE2 is now processed correctly when modifying Texture or Patch names.


5. More cosmetics here and there.





Couple of fixes


1. If a new texture name was created and the new Texturex/Pnames was saved, the level file name was reset, so the next save would have the wrong default name. Could also cause failures if the name change was not caught.


2. If a new TextureX/Pnames was created and the file already had a Texturex/Pname override, the old Texturex/Pname was used after a save, not the new one. Primarily noticed on a Group command (registered only).


3. Packing SideDefs now ignores animated textures ( a bit slower now).


4. Cosmetics in texture drawing and texture color conversions.






The Easiest Powerful Graphic Name editing in the world and a whole lot more!


1. The easiest to use Graphic name editing system around. No more Wintex or NWT required. Easily Add, Delete and Edit TEXTUREx and PNAMES entries with a clear and easy to use interface. Novices and Experts alike can easily customize levels with NEW graphic names. This includes both Texture and Patch names. Combined with the full featured texture drawing/pasting and importing, your imagination is the limit. See Edit menu: Texture Name Edit


2. Directly Import any PCX/BMP and make into a PWAD.


3. Change and Resize graphic patches instantly. Stretch or shrink any patch graphic in one step.


4 Rename / Insert / Delete and Move any LUMP name in any PWAD (Edit menu). For advanced users, this is extremely handy to fixup names, place F_END control and correct mistakes!


5. Revised LineDef selection for selecting lines as short as the minimum length of 1. If you create lines shorter than 4 or space lines closer than 3, change your F5 map options as follows: Overlap Tolerance = 0.


This makes it easier to manipulate vertices at close tolerances without accidently merging them.


6. New clonE command (E). Select 2 or more Things, Sectors or LineDefs and all of the last selected objectís attributes are copied to all other selected objects when E is pressed.

7. New automatic Align command (shift+A). Select a LineDef and the X or Y coordinates are automatically made the same for instant straight lines. The alignment range is set by the current grid size.


8. Additional node building option to bypass the ending prompt if the nodebuilder is not shown (F5 nodes option). Set as you build nodes.


9. DeePBSP has a new warning for too large a BLOCKMAP.


10. DeePBSP has a new minimum line length option (set in F5 nodes).


11. Changes to pass long file names to DeePBSP. Please note that DOS DOOM does not support long file names, but DOOM95 does.


12. Revised file save for a grouped PWAD with a level converted from one game to another. The correct old level name is now found.


13. Slightly revised file saving if only F_END is found.


14. Deleting message now stays around until all deletes are finished.


15. Level name on bottom could get changed by browsing. No biggie.


16. If flags in LineDefs are reset in Check menu, map is automatically redrawn.


17. Dragging Sectors gives the option for cancelling vertex merging. We do suggest setting the object tolerance to 1 or less for you experts too (see F5 Map options)!


18. If a grouped file containing level names from a different game is read, ALL the level names are automatically converted to the current game project on the next save. For example, from ExMx names to MAPxx names.


19. Shift+up cursor and Shift+down cursor. New commands to simultaneously increment/decrement the Sector floor and ceiling heights by a fixed amount (value set in F5 map options). Super handy for changing a whole area with many sectors at once with NO mistakes (which used to be a pain).


20. Shift+PageUp/Dn and Shift+Home/End now work like DOS version. Changes Ceiling or Floor heights by a fixed amount.


21. Select Object 0 option modified. If an object is deleted, the next closest object to the cursor is selected. If none is found, the object is set to 0. Makes it much easier to stay focused and also prevents you from accidently moving object 0 around (like I did).


22. Zoom-to-Window (zooms an area selected) now also implemented by Rght clicking the mouse after an area is selected.


23. If multiple files are loaded, you can selectively reset them.


24. Extra check for enough physical memory and some more memory statistics in the About DeePsea dialog.


25. Many cosmetic and code enhancements in various areas. Some examples are :


a) Clicking on the preview textures beside the dialogs now selects the texture, right clicking in the same area exits

b). help messages are easier to see

c)Smartdraw has been changed to never flip linedefs (meant originally for novices)

d) Split Sector always draws the line, even if things donít look right

e) variable vertex active box size depending on zoom

f) LineDrawing and Info boxes show LineDef angles

Ö.and so on.


26. Hexen II PAK graphics browsing support.


27. If the desktop has a LARGE font size or changes from the default font, all dialogs, etc. still use the same fonts with the exception of menus. We suggest NOT using large fonts.


28. Tested with Windows 98. Works great.


For a look at the power of DeeP97, a lot fun and some special level tricks, download DEEPATAK from our website,







Kick Me!


We didnít really mean to release this so soon, but a slight flaw was introduced in linedrawing with the new HEXEN polyobject detection. This affects both DeePBSP (Hexen only) and DeeP97.


Meanwhile, here are some more goodies:


1 Direct PWAD graphic import. Graphics drawing can now directly import and paste a graphic from any PWAD. Makes life a bit simpler!


2. Save Game Statistics information (F10, #1) now shows the approximate Save Game File size. If you get close to this limit, your level may not save properly (from a discussion on Compuserve).


After many request some COOL SOUND stuff:


3. Play any Sound PWAD lumps in file browser. Plays sounds directly from PWADS or from IWADs. Now explore PWAD sound files without having to open the file. Select Open Pwad in the File menu and look around.


4. Play any external WAV files in file browser. For finding creative sounds to replace the stock sounds. Select View Wave in the Edit menu.


5. Import.WAV to sound lumps. Makes it easy to incorporate original sounds into your work. Converts sampling rate as required. Select Convert Wav to PWAD in Edit menu and youíre all set.


6. Export sound Lumps to WAV files. Customize the original sounds with some extra reverb! Select Export Lump in File menu.


7. Play any MIDI files in file browser. To be followed later with more stuff. Select View Midi in Edit menu.


8. Play WAV entries while browsing QUAKE PAK files. Export the QUAKE sounds and enhance your DOOM levels!


9. Play any CD track while editing. Just for fun. Select View CD in Edit menu.


10. In Drawing mode, Cursor Keys also move map (if option is set).


11. Extended QUAKE menu options for exploring QUAKE files.


12. Caching Textures is now optional. If you have less than 32MB of memory, you may wish to disable texture caching and just let the Windows cache handle it. Press F5 to set.


13. Support for CHEX the cereal game. See Project creation in the help file. The registered version of DeeP97 can test addon levels directly.


Miscellaneous errata fixed left over from a minor file crash we had.







Check it out!


1. 3D Walkthrough done! Allows you to quickly walk through the level in full 3D mode. Press W to start. Toggle screen size (S) and between S screen size or small window (F) depending on your processor speed. Press D to show doors open or closed. Press L to see lifts up or down. Runs very fast on Pentiums! Press F1 for more information in 3D mode. 3D Walkthrough


2. Revised shift+Ins a little bit, making it easier and much more flexible for cloning new sectors on top of existing ones.


3. Automatic centering of MAP coordinates option see File Menu Options . Recalculates map so the center is 0,0.


4. Popup Calculator now active in all number boxes (press A instead of a number).


5. Graphics Drawing has many improvements.


Added Cursor and Page keys for easy positioning of zoomed images.


The : key replaces the Ď key for color cycling since the right cursor conflicted with the older key.


Added color box always showing color currently under cursor, invaluable for detail work!


Maximum graphic Zoom increased to 16. (takes more memory of course).


A and S keys were off by 1 button.


6. Preview textures (in addition to the normal levels) in separate PWADS without having to open them. Especially useful for finding the special texture you know is somewhere (requested by Andrew Pearce).


7. BMP files created by DeeP could not be read by other programs, although DeeP could. Hey, I just read the specs<g>.


8. Fixed number of starting positions error for Hexen (partial copy from DOS version), could crash on check if more than 4 positions.


9 DeePBSP revised to automatically detect PolyObjects for HEXEN. Attempts to avoid splitting around PolyObject for easier object construction.


10 DeePBSP has 3 new node building options. Please refer to Options (F5) help for more details.


a. Ignore 2-sided linedefs with the same texture and sector, like WARM.


b. Special Sector tagging.. DeePBSP optionally supports the BSP 2.x method of using sector tag 900 for making doors with a transparent texture (please refer to Options (F5) for details).


c. Special LineDef tagging. DeepBSP optionally supports the BSP 2.x method of using LineDefs tagged over 900 to reduce any splitting. This is similar to BSP 2.x (thanks for the idea Lee Killough) although the results will differ. There are 6 different nodebuilding algorithms. Advanced users can experiment a lot. Normal levels should work fine with the default settings.


DeePBSP performance is up to twice as fast as before!


11. Added extra information in Thing display showing the sector where a Thing is located. Helps primarily for HEXEN. DeePBSP uses the same algorithm, so if the number is wrong and the Thing is a polyobject, the nodebuilder wonít detect it either. So be careful when you make trick areas that donít have the correct sector on purpose.


12. Oops, AutoSave was blowing up, another stupid typo mistake, fixed!


13. Added all the STRIFE LineDef and Thing specials we know about. Couldnít find all Things to match the keyed LineDefs, so some LineDefs have no key. If some descriptions need changing, refer to OPT for the addon control file. If anyone finds out the Thing specials or any other info, please send it to us and weíll put the names in! Examine the Strife levels to understand how to use them.


STRIFE levels can be made without using the advanced features such as the scripts, which control the actions that occur. The levels are very interesting and your own levels can avoid the interaction the normal game requires. STRIFE has look up/down as well as jumping.


14. Extra safety protection for levels with packed sidedefs. You canít accidently delete a packed SideDef if it is used elsewhere.


15. Extra check when splitting a sector for packed sidedefs. You canít split a sector if it has packed sidedefs since that would mess up the rest of the level.


16. Extra check when packing sectors for HEXEN. You canít pack a sector if it has a polybobject.


17. Extra checking for clearer error messages when splitting sectors.


18. New UnGroup command makes it easy to split all extra non-level data from the levels in a grouped PWAD (or visa-versa).


19. Revised Group command for compatibility with NWT and Wintex. Sequence of lumps added by Wintex or anyone else stays intact.


20. Revised File and Edit menu shortcut keys a bit.





Lotís of good news!


Items 1 - 3 were in late v9.25


1. Both mouse buttons pan map, with zooming with either button active.

2. Check for Zero length LineDefs always performed on Save.

3. Editing Textures by clicking on bottom graphics does all selected.

4. New Option to turn duplicate sidedef checking on/off.

5. Revised saving routines to keep last save directory active for graphics and lumps.


6. Graphics Drawing at last. The easiest way in the whole world to modify DOOM textures, Sprites, Flats and others. Besides importing PCX and BMP graphics, the raw game graphic format can now also be imported (select from Edit menu). Brad and I worked hard on this one and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. GRAPHICS Editor


7. Graphic Color Conversion too! Convert Textures and Flats from one game to the other, for example from HEXEN to DOOM (registered only).


8. New Pack and Unpack options to save disk space (file transfer time), save game size and reduce Visiplane overflows. Inspired by TNT members and Brad Kiefer the other DeeP team member.


9. New Shift+INS command in LineDef mode replaces the current sector with a new duplicate. Made to fix packed sectors easier and also for general use where several areas share a sector but you wish to split them up for different lightning, etc.


10. For your listening pleasure: New Wave sounds for clicking, errors etc. In stereo even! (See F5 Sound)


11. Quake graphics can now be exported as BMP in addition to PCX.


12. Deep97Bench, a quick benchmark under Help on the top menu bar.. I was tired of the hassle with other benchmarks and just wanted a quick indication of a systemís performance. This does just that. A larger map uses more processor time, the various display options stress the video, memory or processor accordingly. See DeePBench for details.


13. Popup Calculator, press the A key in edit mode to active. See Calculator - How to Use for details.






New Area code 425 is in effect starting 4/27/97. Old area code 206 will work until November 1997 for those whose phone system wonít dial 425 yet.


1. Added support for user defined descriptions for Things, Thing sprite names, LineDefs, and Sector types.

Besides letting you use your own descriptions, this is also useful for those who have modified DOOM and the IWAD and the sprite names are no longer the same. Please refer to OPT index entry in Help for more information.

2. Added support for reading in IWADs as files. This is primarily useful for HEXEN DeathKings (HEXDD.WAD), which is an IWAD, but it really isnít! Just something to make life hard for me<g>. The normal HEXEN project is used, although you can copy HEXEN.PRJ and make a special one HEXDD.PRJ if you like.

Note : If an IWAD is read in, all extra information is discarded. Only the levels are kept.


3. Changed cancel option in the Build Node dialog to keep the status of the current level. It was reverting back to a prior copy (if any).


4. Default .WAD extension automatically added if omitted for both reading and saving files (as in DOS version).


5. Some extra protection from having the same file open by multiple programs at the same time. This can cause data loss, since the second program could rewrite the data while DeeP97 still has the level open. Subsequent access would use the old data pointers, not the new ones as written by the other program.

Two Notes on access protection :

a. Relies on 2nd program using similar safety checks to prevent overwrites!

b. In the shareware version of DeeP97, you must exit DeeP before you test your level. DOOM gives an error if you donít. The registered version tests directly and closes all the files automatically when testing.


6. Automatic DOOM95 detection when testing levels.


7. Automatic backup option now saves using the .BKP extension instead of .BAK. This gives you up to 3 automatic backup files of your work. ~DEEP.WAD contains the last level before nodes are built, yourfile.BAK is the file prior to your changes and yourfile.BKP is the file current as of the last snapshot (see F5 options to set the time interval).

Note for prior users : Only ~DEEP.WAD is now created, ~HEEP.WAD is obsolete.


9. You can now copy any level from a PWAD with multiple levels. Thus you can make one level with predefined structures you use as models and quickly read into the paste buffer for pasting.


10. Flicker removed in linedrawing (flicker was caused by compensating for a mistake in ATI drivers).


11. All items on HEXEN development menu now stay active as in DOS version.


12. Option to sort LUMPs when extracting or dumping.


13. Custom color setting a bit easier. Now starts out positioned at current color index value. Restore initial values restores both color values and type values.


14. Lazy button selection. You can press and hold the left button and it wonít go into Select mode, until you move the mouse a bit. This prevents accidental clearing of selected objects. If you had Additive Select enabled, this was not a problem.


15. New variable option to check for short lines. See F5 (Map) and set shortest Linedef length. Zero length lines are always detected.


16. New short cut commands :

Shift+S Split Linedefs in Ĺ (or just draw on top of the linedef).

Shift+D-Split Sector in Ĺ (or just draw a line through Sector).


17. Zoom-to-window increased to 16000 like DOS so you can look at tight areas. Other Zoom ranges can be set higher in F5 Zoom options.


18. After a million combos, finally got Windows to get the colors right when grid is active. LineDefs now show their lengths again when grid is showing.


19. A New Ruler command better than ever. Press R

Choose between a rectangle or a circle (press @)

Choose between filled in or hollow (press !)


Note : On latest video driver for STB Lightspeed128 and some others, there appears to be a minor redraw glitch at times. This does not appear on S3 drivers, so we doubt itís a coding error, although we are looking for alternate methods. Press F5 and set Video Fix to your preference. The default is ON, which is slower, but always looks ok. See Video Fix for more information.


And many more miscellaneous changes!





First non-beta.

1. Lotís of little fixes and help. Way too many to list.

2. Print Maps, with awesome Thing graphics right on the printout!

3. Print Lumps

4. Browse a directory and quickly view PCX and BMP files.

5. Simplified Export dialog. One choice does all, LMP, PCX or BMP(new)

6. Nodeviewer.

7. Launch from Explorer by double clicking on a WAD file.

8. Make any file into a PWAD (like sound files).

9. Interactive Tutorial Demo for guiding beginners. Select from the Help menu. Fun to watch.

10. AND a QUAKE BSP/PAK/WAD viewer and exporter to Lump, PCX or BMP. The easiest and most flexible viewer we know of. Lets you view the MIP textures precisely and identify any possible alias problems.



A New Year

1. Sprite Browser fixed for repeated execution.

2. Browsing for Find was incorrectly using current edit mode for type of browse.

3. Replace floors/walls was accepting only 7 characters.


We have run across a few infrequent and unusual errors on systems that are using virtual memory. We were playing Games, which could be the problem, donít know the exact cause yet, but DeeP exits or it says that itís allocating -0- bytes. The latter for sure isnít true!


Quake graphics and printing maps is in progress!







1. Line left out for extra external FLATS (and Brad flogged himself)

2. Browsers for textures & flats not updating current texture selection.

3. Help revised and more Help buttons link to this help file.

4. If you change directories on a read, the next read defaults to that directory, not the default read path. Nice when you work in a different directory and look around a bit.

5. Preview browser does not sort entries anymore, showing you how the PWAD entries are stored (thus MAP15 could show up first, followed by MAP02 if that is the way it was created).





Saturday (fixes and additions)

1. Fixed Sprite Browser GP caused by the asynchronous nature of task

2. Let screen saver be turned off (no one asked, just an option)

3. Donít autosave maps that have no changes or that are still part of the IWAD

4. Texture composite info browser would browse floors in Sector mode when clicking on the graphic.

5. Help added for Auto Save option and some others.

6. First time an IWAD is used, you can change the location from the default initially assigned. Guess thereís some hacked IWADs out there.

7. Added ability to set the paste path (F5).

8. More stuff I canít remember





Friday the13th and my birthday. First Release of DeeP97, the Windows 95 port of DOS DeeP.


Our goal is to create an extremely flexible and fast editor with high reliability. Unlike a typical first release, we worked from the most reliable editor out there, the DOS version of DeeP. However, in the real world there are bound to be circumstances we did not anticipate or did not test in combinations you may be using, this is Windows after all<G>.


We are aware that the Help has some missing links, a byproduct of our learning<g>