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Welcome to DeePsea, the killer native 32 bit Windows Doom enhanced editor Program, done the way it should be! DeePsea is written in sea++ J, from Seattle with features you wonít find anywhere else!


DeePsea is designed exclusively for Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10. Windows 7 and later is highly recommended for a much more stable environment! You need at least a CPU made within the last 5 years with a minimum resolution 1024x768.. Memory requirements are:  4GB of memory for  XP and 8GB for later versions. Please see hardware for more information.


DeePsea is packed with advanced integrated features such as texture editing, file/lump previews, precision merging tools and flexible import tools. Not only a complete replacement for Wintex, but a lot more flexible and easier tooJ


But donít worry, you donít have to know all of them at once! Beginners should start by following the Quick Start and tutorial topics.


Advanced users should review the features available and explore the shortcuts available, for example to directly edit a Thing type, press Shift+Enter, thereby bypassing the general Thing menu dialog.


For the latest version please visit for the lastest version.


Enjoy using DeePsea!



Whatís New?

Please Review - Provides a detailed list of DeePseaís releases.



Overview of ALL commands

Narrative overview of DeePsea and Game editing



Getting Started

Guides first time users quickly on how to make a level using DeePsea. Easy to follow and instant satisfaction! Provides important basic information and an introduction to using DeePsea. Simple instructions in a step by step tutorial for creating a new map.



Tutorial Levels

A detailed walk through and explanation of a level. Recommended for an introduction to DOOM editing.



How to register DeePsea.

Lists the additional registered features to really kick some @#$!



First Time Installation

Common problems in editing and setup and how to obtain technical support.



About DeeP

Some technical stuff about DeePseaís evolution.




The contributors to DeePsea!


For Help on Help, Press F1