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My work on DeePsea started, believe or not, as the result of the horribly slow and inaccurate node builders in 1994. Mike kept asking canít you fix that? When the node building problems were solved with DeePBSP (then called Tbsp for Turbo BSP), we were still left with the awkwardness, bugginess, lack of error checking, etc of the current editors. DeeP originally was written for DOS, since at that time Windows 95 was not out and Windows 3.x is not a good place to play and test Doom, thus avoiding a lot of problems.


The DOS version was a huge success and encouraged me to pursue a Windows 95 version (and Borland was too lame to fix their DMPI code for Windows 95 - good thing though, it made me port DeeP). Brad Kiefer did the majority of the original Windows work. We used the engine guts of the DOS version and wrapped the Windows stuff around it, making it behave like the DOS version where it really counted, like the window scrolling, no side bars to waste your time on here (donít you hate to hunt for those all the time?). Brad created some innovative ideas for duplicating the DOS features and then some. From there features progressed to take advantage of the Windows interface and API to create the most comprehensive and extensive DOOM editor in the world!


Technical Information

The DOS DeeP was triggered by DEU. I liked the basic layout of this editor and itís flexibility. But, I really hated the number of times it crashed and the amount of work it took to do anything and (regardless of other opinions) way too buggy (ditto for the clones). This DMPI version of DeeP provided the model and functionality for the Windows version.


DeePsea, DeePBSP, DeePACC and DeePDEACC are all 32 bit multi-threaded native Windows applications.


The main DeePsea executable is compiled from 9+ Mb of C++ code, most of it specific to wadfile editing. The help file was developed with the assistance of RoboHelp for Windows Office.