Brad Kiefer

Windows 95 Port

Jack Vermeulen

DOS DeeP, DeePBSP, Windows 95/98/2000 DeePsea

Mike Vermeulen

Testing, WebPage, support

Nigel Rowand

Superb testing, ideas and general DOOM knowledge.

Andrew Pearce

Excellent proofreading help and ideas.

Jay Blaze

DeeP97 Install Bitmap and Website

Arthur GoldSmith

DeePsea bitmaps for Website and Install program

Earl L Wiese, Jr

Windows bitmaps (also on Website)

Cyrus Amiri


Luc Cluitmans

Deacc (Hexen)

Ben Gokey

Acc (Hexen)


DOS contributors:


Great STRIFE help by Bob Lauver.

Drive limit suggested by Mark St Hiliare.

Jens Nielsen for wonderful levels and great ideas.

David Bruni for Zoom-to-Window and impetus for matching some Autocad features.

Rainer Knijf for the filter selection, unpegged Y alignment and more.

Timothy Palmer for relaying the latest Heretic info.

Jim Quinlan for helping discover the DPMI problems ahead of time.


All the users for many good ideas and showing me what things were not clear just hope I don't forget them. (I'm sure you'll remind me.)


Those who wrote in a confused state and without whom wed never have known how to address the issues.