To order the Registered version of DeeP


1.    Register Online at www.sbsoftware.com All orders are shipped via Email.

- or -

2.    Print the ORDER form for Email Orders. Click below to see the form. Use the mouse to drag across the form, then select Copy from the Help edit menu. Now go to Notepad or MS Word and select Edit/Paste. Now you can fill in the form and format as desired.


3.    Call us at (425) 827-8794 if you have any questions.


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Registered Features


DeePsea is a shareware program. Shareware is a way of letting you try a program first on a trial basis. You may use DeePsea free of charge for 30 days. You can register through one of the means listed at the bottom of this topic. In exchange for registration, you will receive the following benefits:


1. Create ANY size level. The Shareware version is limited to around 800 LineDefs and 1200 SideDefs for levels. Clipboard files are limited to around 100 LineDefs.


2. TEST any size DOOM, HERETIC, HEXEN, STRIFE level. This includes any of the ports, for example ZDOOM, LEGACY, DOSDOOM, WINDOOM, GLDOOM, BOOM levels directly without exiting.


3. No forced About Screen so you start instantly where you left off.


4. Define and Execute up to 8 of your favorite tools directly from DeePsea for any size level.


5. NO LIMIT on file sizes anywhere.


6. PRINT Maps for any size level.


7. Edit and Save up to 99 levels at the same time. The Shareware version processes only 5.


8. Group and Replace up to 99 levels at the same time. The Shareware versions processes only 5 and the level is size limited.


9. Add//Replace textures/sounds/graphics and save them automatically.


10. Build a New IWAD with up to 99 levels. The Shareware version limits the size of the levels.


11. The latest online help and docs.


12. Discounted Upgrades for life (click on DeePsea Order form above and fill out the bottom part!)


13. More fun then you’ve ever had editing DOOM, HERETIC, HEXEN, ZDOOM, BOOM or any new port.