checkmrk.gifFirst Time Installation


DeePsea supports both Line Drawing AND Prefab objects. Press F9 for the prefab menu. For a quick on screen show and tell instructions on how to draw lines, select Interactive Tutorial Demo from the Help menu.


Please press F11 after this step is finished and review the keyboard shortcut commands. The Q command toggles the way Things are displayed.


Make sure your system satisfies the Hardware/Software Requirements to run DeePsea successfully.


The F5 options menu sets all your choices. Your skill level, type of level, computer and so forth, determine what is suitable for you. Please see Options (F5) - Map, Node, Project, Color, Sound, Texture, Check, Zoom .


! Be SURE to select the correct Project FIRST !


This help screen is entered when the DEEP.CHK is not present or is an old version. Press F1 to bring up the online Help at anytime after you complete this part. Please see DeeP for a quick peek. Explore the Help index for further help topics.


Different Games are selected using the PROJECT concept. Select one of the projects shown below to represent the game desired. Do not select an IWAD!


You switch from one game to another by reading in a new project. The first time you select a project, you are asked for the IWAD location (if it isnít found). Next, confirm that this is the IWAD file you want. If you have multiple IWADs for a game, select the one you want! You can make up your own project names later!


If the project type does not match the game, the defaults are wrong! Either delete DEEP.CHK or fix it manually (much work)!


ZDOOM and BOOM projects have the correct defaults automatically set for processing the correct OPT file.


The Primary Options


1. Set Project Name


This selects the type of game you want to edit (press F5 for making changes in the main edit screen).


Be sure to use the correct Project for the type of game you are editing.


These are the predefined project names:







DOOM (original or Ultimate)




DOOM2 (using BOOM engine)


DOOM2 (using ZDOOM engine)


DOOM2 (using ZDOOM engine in HEXEN mode)


HERETIC (using ZDOOM engine in HERETIC mode)


STRIFE (using ZDOOM engine in STRIFE mode)















Newer Ports

Newer Ports are added as they come up or you can create your own custom project at any time.


2. The main IWAD file


If the IWAD file is not found for your game, DeePsea can search your system automatically. The progress is displayed on the bottom so you won't get bored waiting.


If the location is non-standard or you have modified IWADS, enter the name of your DOOM, DOOM II, HERETIC, HEXEN , STRIFE or other IWAD file.


These are the default values, so you do not need to change them if they match your system.


Do not put the wrong IWAD name in a project. For example, put the name of the HERETIC IWAD in a HERETIC project, HEXEN in a HEXEN project and so on. Don't mix them up or the colors will come out funny looking!


If you have installed the game on a different Drive or directory, change them as required.


3. Set the File Save path (F5 options)

4. Set the Paste path (F5 options)


These are not files, but represents the default directory to use for reading or saving PWAD files and the default for the Import Paste PWAD command.


If no name is entered, the default directory is the current directory.


Please TEST your path with a file save before you continue!


The DEEP.CHK file


If an old CHK file from a prior version of DEEPsea was found, a new one will be created. At the same time all the default .CFG .PRJ, and .TCF files are created.


The DEEP.CHK file can be deleted at any time (when DeePsea is not active) and the defaults are recreated the next time.