bmpdecorate.gif DECORATE


The DECORATE lump is a special ZDOOM lump where you can define new Thing types (or redefine existing ones). Please refer to the ZDOOM documentation for details. This section is only on how you you modify the DECORATE information to change the way the custom Things will display in DeePsea.


The DECORATE lump is processed unless you disable DECORATE process in F5 Project Options.


If a DoomEdNum duplicates an existing Thing type, it replaces the existing entry unless you disable DECORATE Type replace in F5 Project Options. When disabled it is always put into a new Decorate category.


The default Sprite name is the one defined in your DECORATE lump. This is only if you want to choose a different Sprite or change some of the other characteristics.


A sample DECORATE entry modified for DeePsea (optional):


The keyword //Sprite (no blank) is used after the DECORATE Thing name if you want to specify a specific graphic to use in the Thing displays. In addition, you can set the color, shape and property the same as for Things in the OPT file (please see op for further details)


If no values are set for a name, the last value entered is used.


//Sprite - required keyword after the Name you gave the Thing (for example after the name "Flasher" below)

Name - the lump Image name in the PWAD you want DeePsea to display (usually the sprite name)

Color - the color you want DeePsea to use for Things

Shape - how you want the Thing display to behave as you cycle using the Q command. The default is CHAR if you do not specify.

Property - use NONE if you have an image Name to use. If you do not want to use a special image, use the property name of DECORATE. This always forces the use of the "Lightbulb" image.


The DoomEdNum, Radius and Height are automatically decoded and used in creating in the Thing Menus and attributes. If no Radius or Height is entered, then the dimensions of the graphic are used.


keyword name Color Shape Property

| | | | |  

Flasher //Sprite BOSFA0 RED CHAR NONE (use sprite BOSFA0 instead of GOR1A0)


DoomEdNum 49

Sprite GOR1

Frames "30:A, 10:B*C*B*"



Radius 16

Height 16



// the next entry uses the same attributes as the one above, but the sprite used is NJWEF0 (or 1)


Pickup GrenadeBox


DoomEdNum 32059

Sprite NJWE

Frames "F"

Radius 16

Height 16

PickupMessage "Picked up a box of Grenades"

PickupSound "misc/ammo_pkup"




// this one again has a new sprite name (IFOGA0) and parameters given a new color and the CHAR attribute


SpawnedFire2 //Sprite IFOGA0 RED CHAR NONE


DoomEdNum 32060

Sprite IFOG

Frames "3:A*B*C*D*E*F*C*"

RenderStyle STYLE_Add


Alpha 1.0

Radius 16

Height 16

Scale 0.5