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The DeeP images are in 320X200 format. To enlarge the DeeP picture for viewing with your browser, simply click on it.  800x600x256 is the suggested minimum resolution for less scrolling.

To really see what DeePsea looks like in action, please click the Downloads link on the left or below and see for yourself.

The DeeP images displayed below appear on your screen as a little "sqaushed." Just click on the picture to download the larger 800X600 version.

A unique feature in DeeP is smart thing editing. When you choose a thing and put in on the map, DeeP remembers what thing you chose automatically. That means when you start editing a different thing, DeePsea will move the mouse to select that thing again.
Thing editing
Thing view DeeP in thing editing mode
DeeP has two different methods for viewing things. One allows quick editing by displaying all objects as color coded circles. In graphical display mode, shown here, you can see things as they actually appear in the game! In addition, the background can be changed to suite your taste and all things are cached for lightning fast display! To enable graphical thing display just press T when in Thing edit mode. In DeeP, editing the characteristics of any Thing is not a problem. As the screen shot above shows, DeeP displays all traits of a Thing in one screen. Simply point and click to set a Thing's attributes.
Options Galore
DeePBSP's options menu DeeP's color options
DeePBSP, the world's fastest nodes builder, has several options built into it to customize how you want your level's nodes built. Using DeeP's "front-end," you can customize the node split, the node depth, and more quickly and easily. To access DeePBSP's options, press F5 and select "Node building defaults." Tired of dark, hard to see editors that claim to be "easy on the eyes?" Then you'll love DeeP! DeeP lets you customize all the colors to suite your tastes and even lets you adjust the gamma correction, just like DOOM! Press F5 and select "color options."
DeeP's ALT-F5 options DeeP's F5 options
DeeP's most important options can be quickly accessed in one options menu. These options let you enable texture caching, how you want to navigate through maps, locations of files, clipboard options, and much more. Press ALT-F5 to access this menu. This menu is the backbone of DeeP's options selection. From here all options can be set, including color, node building defaults, and more. Press F5 and choose away.

Texture browsing with Strife

The combination of texture caching and fast drawing techniques make DeeP's texture browsing mode extremely quick. Just click the texture you want, and its selected. To access linedef browsing mode, press F1 when selecting a sidedef texture. In sector mode, press F1 when choosing a floor or ceiling texture.
DeeP in map browsing mode DeeP opening a file
DeeP's level browsing feature is a powerful tool that lets you see a simplified overview of the levels before you choose which one to edit. To browse all loaded levels, select File, Edit, then press F1. Whenever you open a new PWAD, DeeP presents you with this browsing screen. Select the name of the WAD, select the level you want to see, and there it is. Just double click on the PWAD name to open it and begin editing. To open any PWAD, select File, then Open.
Power Tools
DeeP's interactive drawing tools DeeP's interactive stair drawing tool
DeeP's powerful drawing tools offer you a feature no other editor can, you can draw on ANYTHING! Draw on flats, textures, things, or anything else you want using DeeP's drawing tools. Sign your name on the walls. Write "DeeP is the best!" on every texture. To use the drawing tools, select Edit, then Draw on Any Texture. Follow the onscreen instructions. DeeP allows easy interactive creation of rooms, both multiple sided and retangular, and stairs. This screen shot shows a user (me) creating a staircase by moving the mouse cursor and pressing + and -. To use this features, double right click and select stairs.
Interactive texture alignment Interactive line drawing
Often times one of the most difficult parts of designing a level is proper alignment of the textures. In DeeP, aligning textures is not only interactive, but you can also use the mouse and have true WYSIWYG. DeeP is the only editor that offers this for all the games. To align your textures interactively, go into linedef edit mode, edit a linedef, choose a sidedef and select Mouse X/Y Align. Arguably DeeP's most powerful feature is its interactive linedef drawing tool. Unlike the mindless game of connect the dots found in other editors, DeeP lets you draw linedefs in a CAD style. Just double-click in linedef edit mode, the rest is self explanatory!
DeeP's level checking Searching for stuff
Many levels today have small errors that authors know exist but just don't have time to fix. DeeP fixes many of those errors, automatically. DeeP can remove extra textures, fix misaligned textures (like the one in E4M7 of Ultimate DOOM) and quickly fill in missing textures. DeeP's level checker is the most comprehensive out there. It checks everything but your taste in design! DeeP's find tools let you search for, and even replace, any thing in a level. You search for and/or replace sidedef textures, floor and ceiling textures, and things (optionally based on a percentage). In Hexen you can search for scripts and PolyIds.

Hexen development mode menu

A feature that's been in DeeP since 8.00 is the Hexen development mode. Hexen PWAD authors will appreciate this mode for several reasons. It allows quick compiling and decompiling of scripts as well as instant access to all of Hexen's other special features.
Menus and more

All of DeeP's menus

The list of things DeeP can do is best experienced by directly experiencing it! This modified screen shot shows all of DeeP's menus in linedef mode. As you can see DeeP has a whole list of things you can do, and all are available at the touch of a button.


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