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Latest Versions DeePsea 13.0.5
R3DeeP 13.0.5

Just a better way to Edit!

3D mode with REAL skies, REAL effects and full realistic 3D editing

DeePsea is the first LineDraw and Sector editor that supported drawing across lines.
Options let you control the features you desire.

DeePsea is now FREE

DeePsea, the most popular Shareware  DOOM Editor is now FREE

More Easy to Use features than any Editor

DeePsea and R3DeeP are the only ones to actually support RISEN3D style multiple floors and show them. Might do slopes if they are done as in ZDOOM

Pages are not all updated yet, but the file links have been updated to the latest version.

Added features for 3D structures Risen3D style design and modified R3DeeP (called R3Dedit before) with additional features.
R3DeeP supports putting objects on any floor vs just the top without having to add fake lines.
This is only for R3DeeP and might consider format change to Hexen to make it easier to pick a floor.

NOTE: R3DeeP does not run on XP right now. Should work on Windows 7 on up.

R3DeeP uses an older version of DirectPlay on Windows 10. Usually Windows 10 asks you to install DirectPlay, but there is a setting in
- Control Panel - Programs and Features. Select Turn - Windows Features On or Off -. - Select Legacy Components - and activate - DirectPlay -.

Please review the instructions for Windows 7 on up to Unblock both DeePsea.exe and DeeP.chm (help file) through (Right Click) File Properties.

DeePsea combined with R3DeeP is the most realistic 3D DOOM editing environment available.  Your level is displayed with REAL skies as well as  dynamic light support and  models.  DeePsea has had advanced features for over 25 years (starting with DOS in 1994 and Windows in 1997) that are just now being copied.  This means a stable editing environment. 

DeePsea is  for those who want more than just a level editor. Includes ALL the tools required to create a unique level. That means providing PWAD manipulation tools for adding new textures or any other lump a port might require.  FAST, EASY and SAFE.  Press F7 in the editor to experience these tools. 


The picture on the left taken inside of R3DeeP is an example of the custom images
for normally invisible objects as well as new DECORATE objects.

 The images that don't look like normal DOOM images
 represent Teleports, Polyobjects, Sparks, Dynamic Lights and similar objects. 

Click the picture for an expanded view of 3D thing editing in action.

The picture on the right inside of the Same area (with decreased sector light) now lit using one Dynamic light

Click the picture for an expanded view of 3D thing editing in action.


THING display someday for those too

Enhanced 3D Thing editing (change, add, move), dynamic lights (see changes instanlty) and 3D floors, change sector Heights and see result instantly as well as texture alignment and floor changes.

R3DeeP  The most realistic 3D DOOM editing environment supports most DECORATE objects, moveable Dynamic Lights, 3D Thing x, y, z placement and rotation, plus 3D Thing adding and deleting

In addition, instant
Jump commands to position at any point in a level are easy to access.

Plus HERETIC, HEXEN and STRIFE IWAD texture editing support.

Beginners - Use the interactive tutor to discover how easy it is to draw with DeePsea.

REAL 3D buildings with real multiple floors you can walk on (images from the Sample Levels zip file Download )



3D Level in DeePsea 3D Level in DeePsea 3D Level in DeePsea 3D Level in DeePsea 3D Level in DeePsea 3D Level in DeePsea

DeePsea and R3DeeP

  • R3DeeP ingame Thing editing: press T to toggle 3D Thing editing mode. Easily add, change, delete and MOVE Thing objects in 3D mode, making it very easy to create that final touch for objects. Both sprites and models are supported. Note*: Height editing is only supported for Doom HEXEN format levels.
  • R3DeeP Copy, Paste and Reset commands to undo changes globally within 3D mode.

  • Customizable toolbars - you can make your own tools. Tool Position can be altered.

  • Toolbars - with a wealth of prefabs from simple rectangle to complicated tunnels - instant results (unique options).
  • Window and Hardware screen options for 3D testing in DeePsea. Normally window mode is faster for editing since the dialogs respond much faster. Hardware mode resolution options vary quite a bit from video card to video card.
  • Thing special editing in 3D mode. Press T to toggle 3D Thing editing mode. Change the type of Thing. angle and height (Hexen) instantly in a level and see what looks best.  Most decorate items are available (all if you customize your OPT file) and you can change any object to a dynamic light.
  • 3D editing option shows Things that are normally invisible, such as sounds, polyobjects and mapspots.
  • 3D editing option supports dynamic lights in a level while you are in 3D edit mode. This lets you preview how both user lights and predefined will look in a GL enabled port as you move them around.  R3Dedit uses the RGB values set in the special for the light color [for DOOM levels in HEXEN format]. Other lights (lamps, etc) are defined in DED files with color defined there or taken from the Sprite automatically [a very neat feature inherited from JDOOM].
  • 3D editing options with variations for determining missing textures so that when you change sector heights, no HOM appears. The Complete Option works for most areas, especially for slope types that have missing textures. Partial Mode adds fewer missing textures. However, in pure editing mode there can be some other display artififacts because of compromises that have to made in 3D editing. Play Mode enables transfer specials to more accurately show the level in edit mode as it appears while playing. Use Play Mode for final texture alignments if that's the case.
  • 3D editing full bright command. Press F11 in R3Dedit and the level appears fullbright. Use this for areas that are too dark to clearly see the textures for alignment purposes. Press F11 again to go back to the actual light levels.
  • All 3D options now get applied at the same time making it easier than ever to change and test.
  • Use R3Dglbsp when testing a level (supplied with R3DeeP).  For levels with odd construction, sometimes works better and sometimes it's worse :)
  • Press W to enter  3D editing -  that's where W command came from :)
  • Tag, Polyid, Lineid prompts. The help data displayed for line types automatically shows the last used and next available value depending on the first arguments type.

  • Opt file entries and Expanded maximum number of levels in an IWAD to 200


  •  In-game Jump editing (J) feature lets you jump to any location instantly from the Automap display. This is how it works:

    1. Activate the AutoMap (Tab is the default key).
    2. Press F (for follow). Now you can quickly move to any point in the map.
    3. When you get to where you want to be, press J and you're instantly there

    About as simple as it gets!
  • New In-game Line and coordinate jump to any line or coordinate instantly.
    This is how it works:

    1. Activate the AutoMap (Tab is the default key).
    2. Press the J key (this only works if you do not have the Automap in "follow" mode, for that see above.
    3. In the next dialog select Line or X,Y coordinates
    4. Enter the coordinates or the line number and press OK.

    Note: This is identical to the prior console "warc x,y" coordinate and "warl line#" line number commands added last year which still exist. This is just easier.


  • Find tools for finding LineTID and Scripts.
  • Find tool for finding Ceiling or Floor or Both types of textures.
  • Replace tool for replacing Ceiling or Floor or Both types of textures
  • When using the 3D play mode, you are transferred directly to the map location the same as when using Edit mode if Auto Position is enabled.


  • User friendly cursor that changes shape and color when an object is selected. Can be customized to suit your taste in editing mode.
  • All texture changes are instantly visible directly in the level (not just a browser) as you scroll through the various textures available.  This makes it easy to see if that texture is suitable for the area you are changing. 
  • Wall textures can be changed.  The change is instantly visible for the object selected.
  • Floor and ceiling textures can be changed.  The change is instantly visible for the object selected
  • Texture pegging can be changed
  • Sector lighting can be changed. Displays the change in variable light levels for DOOM format levels.
  • Sector heights can be changed and result shown immediately.
  • Texture selection filter for any combination of valid names as well as just names found in your files. This reduces the clutter, yet gives you fast access to any type of texture desired.



  • Extended support for over 64k sidedefs and  over 64k vertexes for ReDeeP and DeePsea levels.
  • When saving a level with over 64k sidedefs, they are automatically packed.
  • New Option for levels with overlapping lines where you can drag them without disappearing.
  • Support for more than 64k vertices in regular nodes since the extended Sidedef and packing support now makes this a practical reality. (V4 GLnodes already supported this).
V4 V6 Extended Nodes, Duplicate lump options


Highlights: ( complete summary )

  • DeePBSP automatically generate V4 and V6 extended nodes for both standard nodes and GL nodes. V4 supports up to 64k linedefs, over 64k sidedefs and over 64k vertices. GLBSP V3 nodes are optional.  V6 nodes support 2 BILLION of same - but only used by R3DeeP for now. V3 nodes are only for GL ports and are more limited than V4 nodes.  Many of the ports build their own nodes.
  • Copy and paste data between multiple copies of DeePsea. You can open up any level, select a section from it and in another copy of DeePsea copy that section to the level open in the other copy. The new commands are Ctrl+C+Shift, Ctrl+V+Shift and Ctrl+B+Shift complementing the existing Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+B commands. Thus you now have 2 different clipboard buffers available. See Help - Edit Menu Options for more information.
  • Crash Error Save Option lets you save your current work in a file called CRASH.WAD. This will not always work, but you can try.
Seal  sealstartsplash  Seal  sealspashing  Seal  sealeating 


March 31,  2002 XTHEATERIII

Scripted and Sloped XTHEATERIII demo level showing how to to display Hi-Res tall textures in ZDOOM and examples of the new Slope Prefab Tools in DeePsea. 

Download the XTHEATERIII level for a working example of what High Res textures and the new Slope Prefabs can do for your level (download)


This sample level is made exclusively for ZDOOM demonstrating both ZDOOM's support for DeePsea's Hi-Res textures, Slopes and Scripting and the tools in DeePsea used to create them.

Click here for  a screenshot of the XTHEATERIII service counter (232kb)

Click here for  a medium screenshot of the XTHEATERIII outside (171kb)

Click here for  a large screenshot of the XTHEATERIII outside (381kb)

Click here for  a  screenshot of one of the Sloped areas XTHEATERIII (230kb)

Click here for an overview description of the level.

Click here to download XTHEATERIII

Click here for R3Deep and RISEN3D version XtheaterIIIRISEN3D also kaboomRISEN3D

Highlights of just a few of the features in DeePsea

  • 3D texture alignment using R3Dedit - shows the level as it actually appears in most ports - including a real sky and optional thing display.  Things can be moved in any x,y,z* direction (*z for DOOM in HEXEN format levels only).
  • Up to 100 levels of Undo/Redo - limit set in F5/Map options.
  • Automatic Decorate support
  • HUGE level support - up to 64 LineDefs, up to 64k vertices and over 64k Sidedefs (autopack).
  • Interchangeable TEXTURE, FLAT,  PNAMES and SPRITE Graphics for ZDOOM.
  • Awesome resizable and scalable texture browsers.
  • Unsurpassed level Error checker - interactive mode shows you exactly where the error exists.
  • Vertical and Horizontal Toolbar docking areas. Using the same Pause key dialog as above, you can set the width and activation of each area. Edge scrolling is easier when the DeePsea Toolbars are docked in these areas, plus it looks cool!
  • Amazingly useful auto center command centers the map on the cursor position – just press the Space bar. Suggested by John Sirks, a new convert to Doom editing.
  • Programmable Zoom Number keys. Set the Zoom level for each number key to what you prefer in F5/Zoom. When pressed, the number keys now also automatically center the map on the current cursor position.
  • Texture and flat analysis tool. For any PWAD, this lists all the Textures and Flats in one level, or all levels and can also tell you what resources are not being used. Press F7 – PWAD Lump Fixing.
  • Texture and flat conversion tool. This will convert any level's texture and flat names to any other names as defined in a substitution table.
  • DOOM Palette editor. Easy to use with a variety of flexible color modification tools. Play around with it to get an idea how you can easily make your level standout from the rest.
  • Sloped Prefabs for ZDOOM and any other port, including stock DOOM. Make Tunnels, Arches, Pipes, Domes and Pits with just a few clicks (see XTHEATERIII for an example of what you can easily create).
  • Direct support for Legacy Fraggle Script editing: Press F6 and use the Edit, Save, and Export buttons to easily maintain Fraggle script in one or more levels.
  • F7/ PWAD Lump Fixing Texture tool automatically deletes FLATS, TEXTURES, PNAMES and LUMPS not used. Besides being a real timesaver, it makes your distributed PWAD smaller with all the advantages that go along with that. 
DeePsea Graphic Tools

DeePsea Graphic Tool highlights
  • DeePsea contains a full replacement for NWT/Wintex and more. Press F7 to easily and quickly access all the new import/export options. There are NO restrictions on the kind of file you can import - even in the shareware version.
  • DeePsea can import any size and color depth BMP, automatically matching the palette and proportionally scaling the graphic to size limits you specify. The maximum LUMP size is 2048 x1024 - ask you favorite DOOM port developers to support this lump size:)
  • BMP and PCX files are automatically converted to DOOM format graphics
  • MUS and MID files are optionally converted to MUS or MID - your choice
  • WAV and SND files are optionally converted to either WAV or SND
  • You can set any custom transparency color desired for importing and exporting
  • You can preview raw lump data in any file (not just in a PWAD)
  • The unique Graphics Drawing tool can import RAW lump data too!
  • There are NO shareware limits for Drawing, Converting, Exporting & Importing Graphics
  • Drag Things in any editing mode (in addition to Vertices).
  • Direct Level Testing from within DeePsea for levels that are within Shareware editing limits.
  • Built-in easy to use palette editor - made specifically for DOOM.
DeePsea Hints, Facts and Trivia

What is it like to be able to draw ACROSS lines?  The first Editor to support this feature.


  • DeePsea is both a "sector" and "line" drawing editor.
  • Press H to show/hide the grid
  • Press G to change the grid size.
  • Press I to show/hide the information boxes
  • The information displayed on the bottom is "hot", click on it and see!
  • To edit the object the cursor is over using the "hot" area, hold down the shift key, then move the cursor over to the bottom information display.
DeePsea TRIVIA: what does "sea" have to do with wad editing? Inquiring minds want to know
  • "sea" is what it's written in
  • "seattle" is where we live
  • the "sea" is pretty deep
  • It's TRUE - DMAUD, WINTEX, DEUTEX, NWT functions are all done by DeePsea - better, easier and faster.
  • Yes, you can really draw ACROSS lines and automatically split the lines crossed.
  • To save a new BEHAVIOR in your map, press F6 and select Save Compiled Behavior.
  • Enable the FLOOR grid size to see how floor/ceiling textures align (topmost tool bar)
  • Press F5, select MAP to change the vertex selection distance
  • Press F5, select MAP for controlling how fast the level Scrolls and Zooms
  • Press F11 to get a quick list of all the shortcut keys.
  • DO NOT share Sectors with Polyobjects. If a sector is shared and spread across a level, it is much harder (impossible?) for DeePBSP to prevent sector splitting.
  • DeePsea (and before that DeeP) have had more features copied than any other editor. For example, the display of textures in the window, sprites on the map, texture browsing (resizing is stil unique) and much more.

It took me a while to update. Short story: JetSki adventures, had a saving bug that took me a while to figure out. Then the system with help stuff no longers works, so Help files for now are not current. See downloads for new files AND sample 3D levels to show what you can do. I have not had time to add files explaining how these were made and how DeePsea has some special copy commands to help create multiple floors.

"[DeeP for DOS is] chock full of impressive editing features...can handle DOOM...with aplomb...even embed sentences on the walls!"

Computer Gaming World, April 1996

"...[DeeP97 (DeePsea) is] the first REAL Win95 DOOM editor...Better stuff than this will be hard to find."

The DOOM Editing Guide by Jab Van Ree

These pages are designed to answer your questions about DeeP, including how to download the latest version, what's new for the latest release, the very latest on upcoming versions, how to contact the author, and more!

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