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The Latest Versions: DeePsea R3DeeP  - BurnC 1.23


Note for WIndows 7+ users (from MS discussion HERE)

Anything you download from the internet is automatically marked as such by windows.  Microsoft clearly thinks everyone are idiots and that they'll make security decisions for you. So if you attempt to extract a zip containing a .exe file in it, it will tell you that it has been blocked.  To get round this, right click on the zip, click Properties, then click Unblock, and it will forget it came from the internet and let you extract the file.  

After unzipping the file, two (2) files may require you to access the Properties option and select UNBLOCK option. If you do not do this, the .exe file will disappear and the help file will not open properly ("cancelled" appears).



















DeePsea  (see Note above for Windows 7+)

Windows - zip file  

  2.7 MB







R3DeeP (ingame texture / sector / thing editing port)


  (a REALISTIC 3D DOOM editor)

NOTES: For current DeePsea. Does not work with earlier versions. Install R3DeeP in its OWN directory to avoid conflicts with RISEN3D.

Special modified GL port used by DeePsea for 3D texture alignment, sector height adjustments, texture names and Thing type changing, positioning, adding and deleting.  Supports DOOM, HERETIC, HEXEN and STRIFE IWADS - last 3 for textures only. (Sprites to follow)

Allows you to interactively align and change wall textures/offsets, change sector textures, sector heights, sector lighting, 3D thing x,y,z positioning, change thing type, add new things, delete any thing and preview dynamic lights.  Models can optionally be displayed.  Planned enhancements include support for the newer model packs.

The most realistic 3D DOOM editing environment available - bar none.


   51.3 MB

  Includes Models




Largest DOOM2 Level in the world
(There's one twice as large I made but need to make it more interesting)


Made to test DeePBSP v4 nodes as well as checking R3Dedit and DeePsea code As of 12-12-2005 only R3Dedit and DeePsea can play and edit this file. Based on Vrack2 - Posted with permission from Fredrick Johansson

Level Specifications:

Things         6,567
Vertices     52,602 (before nodes, 70,414 after nodes)
LineDefs    62,940
SideDefs 108,144 (before packing

Please refer to the description for more information. 


  4.0 MB




DeePBSP v4 node specs


V4 standard and v4 GL node reference specifications as generated by DeePBSP and used by R3Dedit and RISEN3D
  text file





Sample 3Dvlevels with actual multi-story buildings you can walks in - not just fake texture windows for R3DeeP and RISEN3D but I need to add some stupid stuff for latter.
  135 MB download
KABOOMRISEN3D (3-9-2004) for BOOM compatible ports: RISEN3D, ZDOOM, etc.
  875 kb


DEEPATAK (for DOOM2 and any port)
  675 kb


XTHEATERIII (revised 3-29-2004) for ZDOOM 2.0 or later. This level demonstrates how to use DeePsea's tall textures (over 256 tall), large high res patches and FLATS in a level and a special area made almost exclusively with the slope prefab tools in DeePsea. 

Please refer to the description for more information. Please us the latest version of ZDOOM EXE. Earlier versions do NOT work.

  5.4 MB


(revised 3-29-2004) for R3DeeP.exe  Same high res  DeePsea patches as above. 

Please refer to the description for more information. 

  5.8 MB



O T H E R - U T I L I T I E S
( F r e e !)


BurnC 1.23
BurnC compares, verifies, and benchmarks files in one step. Incredibly useful if you own a CDROM burner and need a program that correctly compares the data from your original CD to your newly burned CD.
  510 kb


QCHAIN is a quick and easy way to connect many BSPs without having to recompile the level. Now you can compile a list of BSPs and enjoy continuous play without having to type the map names every time. Click here for QCHAIN description
  174 kb


QENTITY is a quick and easy way to identify the type of a QUAKE level - QUAKE or QUAKE II. You can also modify the ENTITIES lump of a Quake/Quake II BSP without having to recompile the level. Click here for QENTITY description
  170 kb