DeePsea's Unique Features

A partial list of DeePsea's exclusive features making editing EASY and FUN.

Smart line drawing can draw ACROSS lines - one of many exclusive features created by DeePsea 20 years ago and copied! Complete integrated WAD easy to use management Tools. A 100% replacement for Wintex, NWT! Created way back in 2001.  Very simple to add, insert and delete lumps as needed.
ITA, Interactive Texture Alignment shows you all 3 textures at once with X/Y offsets applied! DeePBSP the first nodebuilder that did not take hours! Creates V2, V3, V4, V6 GL data.
Cut, copy, paste, mirror, and undo, even between levels! You can even view what's on the clipboard! Complete, context sensitive, online help! Press F1 and learn the features available.
IID, Intelligent Inference Drawing helps you automatically assign correct Sector references to SideDefs. The best, most complete and easy comprehensive error check of your level.
Exclusive Interactive Prefab tools: Stair, Door, Rectangle, and Polygon. Create instant Stairs, Teleports, Windows, Doors, Pedestals, Tunnels and Lights! You can read any format level into any project, including DOOM format to HEXEN format internal level conversion.
Awesome texture and color map browsers, ultra easy full screen selection. A project manager that allows custom options for every PWAD
A friendly file manager for browsing PWADS.   A huge improvement over any other system out there.  Easily browse PWADS with multiple levels and look at individual levels before opening them. This includes the graphics and imbedded sounds!
DeePsea edits DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, Hexen, Strife (the first Strife editor in the world) and the newer DOOM ports all in ONE program! And with the project manager, users can switch between games on the fly! All main options, like textures, heights, and sounds, are saved for you! No annoying .INI or .CFG files to deal with!
Exclusive WYSIWYG drawing tools, perfect for adding your name to a wall or flat texture in DeePsea! DeePsea is the only editor that allows you to draw directly on textures. You can also import PCX, BMP or PWAD graphics into DeePsea easily. Built in script compiler and decompiler for HEXEN! The only editor that decompiles ZDOOM scripts.
DeePsea's powerful PCX/BMP/PWAD image browser displays the image and its size for easy importing/conversion into Id's WAD format. DeePsea also lets you manipulate images and change the transparency color instantly. Furthermore, Deepsea automatically converts the color of PCX/BMP files, and even let you choose how you want to import the colors!
DeePsea's 3-D preview and graphic editing features makes viewing your levels before you play a snap. Direct Graphics drawing! Native support for Id's graphics format makes it easy to cut and paste.
Unique 3D feature support in both DeePsea and R3DeeP More FLEXIBLE better looking 3D step and floors  vs RISEN3D. See sample levels for examples. Steps look realistic and not weird!
Exclusive 3D texture dialogs to help create 3D structures for R3DeeP and RISEN3D. Heights for different floors are set via the 3D texture name (starts with a $) and the dialogs help with formatting the name.
DeePsea and R3DeeP support Levels exceeding 64,000 linedefs. See downloads for sample 3D levels and sample level that demonstrates how big this is. No other port supports this unique format.