Games Supported by DeePsea

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DeePsea/DeeP97 versions 9.70 and above are compatible with BOOM and ZDOOM.  The new ZDOOM/BOOM enhanced version retains all the features of DeePsea, with a new intuitive linedef interface for BOOM additions. Additional DOOM ports such as EDGE, ETERNITY, ZDOOM, RISEN3D, R3DEEP & LEGACY are supported by adding the appropriate OPT files for their unique specials. New features are added as those ports evolve.
Screen Shot (BOOM)

Duke Nukem 3D (historical only)

Only DeeP for DOS supports graphical editing in Duke Nukem.  DeeP has powerful graphical importing and level browsing tools. It's easy to export DUKE (or BLOOD, SHADOW Warrior, Witch Haven and other Build engine games) graphics for custom internal use.
Duke Nukem features:
o Edit all aspects of any sprite in 2D mode!
o Change multiple wall textures with a single mouse click!
o Wireframe and solid 3D preview


DeePsea is Hexen compatible. DeePsea allows easy importing of Hexen scripts. DeePsea has a built in compiler for scripts!. In addition, users can modify linedefs within Hexen to custom build their own levels.

DeePBSP is specially designed to build nodes for Hexen. Hexen's new polyobjects and polyanchors require a more balanced node tree.  DeePBSP is has polyobject detection and is equipped with a choice of 6 node building choices (with those 3 more options within each). In the best mode DeePBSP trades speed for quality, creating higher quality nodes with only a minimal sacrifice in speed.

It's important to note that a balanced node tree is essential to Hexen levels. Polyobjects in Hexen almost always require a balanced node tree, otherwise the objects may not function correctly, or be incorrectly placed by Hexen on the map.

Quake (historical only)

DeeP has the ability to take textures out of Quake and Hexen II. We have several Quake & Quake II utilities for inhouse development. As time permits we will post them here. For example, QENTITY automatically identifies a BSP as Quake or Quake II, plus notes the BSP as single or multi-player. QCHAIN automatically chains Quake or Quake II BSPs together so you can play any group of levels and they automatically exit to the next level of your choice (the level has to have an exit to start with of course). Some of our other tools require some frustrating tinkering (we are working on it) that prevents their general release.


DeePsea was the FIRST editor to support Strife.  All of the linedef types, sectors, and things were figured out by us for your convenience (what did you expect us to do, give you a list of things from Heretic?).
Thanks to Bob Lauver for swiftly identifying many of the linedef types and things!