sgcrate2.gifGraphics - Export All Textures


Export all Textures

Saves all the textures into one separate file (advanced). Optionally this includes the TEXTURE1, TEXTURE2 and PNAME entries. Leaving the latter out makes it less confusing when you read (open) the file later for conversion.


The TEXTUREx and PNAME lumps control the names of textures and what lumps belong to what texture names. If the TEXTUREx and PNAME entries are included and you read this file in, they override your current game TEXTURE and PNAME entries. The message about incorrect texture defaults appears. Ignore this message in this condition.


You don't have to make this file if you just want to customize a few texture patches.


If you just want to change a few patches, use the save Lump to a PWAD command, selecting only the patches you wish to change. Then either group these patches (after you modify them) with your level or all them in the -FILE command when you play you level.




This command can be used to create:


1. A file containing all the textures you want to convert from one game to another.

2. A file containing all the texture you want to modify using the ADD drawing mode.


For example, if you are in DOOM mode, entering this command creates a file containing all the DOOM textures. You then put DeePsea into HERETIC mode (by reading a HERETIC project), read in this file and then choose texture convert from the file menu to convert these textures to HERETIC colors.


If you want to draw on the textures, open the file just created and then select Draw on Any Graphic.


Export all Flats

Saves all the floor and ceiling graphics into one separate file (advanced). Use this to create a file with all these graphics so you can modify them using Graphics Drawing or any other program.


For earlier versions of DOOM, all the FLAT lumps had to be together for modified FLATs in an external PWAD. The special entries F_START and F_END are automatically copied and named FF_START and FF_END. An extra F_END is also automatically added for easy external use by the game (see link below for more info).


Draw on Any Graphic

You can draw on any wall texture, sprite or other graphic following the texture storage format. This includes many other graphic symbols, such as the fonts, logos and special screen display symbols.


Draw on Any Flat

You can draw on any floor or ceiling texture. They have a special storage format. Please refer to graphics for more information.