sargc1.gifGraphics - Save graphics as a BMP / PCX file


BMP / PCX file creation


You can create BMP and PCX files at these locations in DeeP.


1. Export Lump Menu from the File menu (F7) or Graphics Drawing menu. This selects any texture, sprite, or flat graphic. You can optionally export the graphics as LMP (raw) data, but this is only applicable if you intend to use the graphic in the same game again (there is no color information with raw data to enable color matching.)


2. In the Quake menu, you can export the graphics from the .WAD, BSP, or PAK files.


If you intend to use the image for pasting in the GRAPHICS Editor, save the image using the current transparent color as set in the Export AUTO setting option. This makes it ultra simple to paste monsters on the wall! If you have some other purpose in mind, select N and the transparent areas are BLACK (value = 0).