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FLATs are the floor and ceiling textures used in DOOM. The are normally 64x64 sized images. DeePsea has support for FLATs up to 2048x2048 for hi-res FLATs. Use these only if your port supports them.


Note: The SKY is not a FLAT. The use of a SKY display is set by using the special FLAT name F_SKY as a ceiling texture. The actual sky displayed is keyed to the level name. HEXEN style levels can control the sky via the MAPINFO lump.


Using DeePsea to add FLATs:


Depending on whether you play stock DOOM or one of the newer ports, the rules are slightly different for the engine recognizing new FLATs in your PWAD.


Stock DOOM looks for an F_END in your PWAD for the end of any new flats. The DOOM ports are a bit smarter and you insert a FF_START in front of your first FLAT and and FF_END after the last new FLAT.


You can create FLATs 3 different ways:


1.    Make new graphic BMPs (sized to 64x64, unless you want hi-res FLATs) and import them using the F7/Import tool.

2.    Create all the new FLATs as PWAD file(s) using DeePsea’s Graphic Editor Drawing Menu/Export all FLATs.

3.    Draw or cut/paste images using DeePsea’s Graphics Editor Texture Drawing tool and save them directly or as new PWADs.


Various ways to put the new FLAT graphics in a PWAD:


A.    Using the Group Command (registered only)


1.    Use the the Group command (File menu) to combine them into one PWAD. When you create them in drawing they are automatically made part of your Open Files. If you cleared (Closed) the file, Open each FLAT file again.

2.    Select Close All files (or else the next step won’t work).

3.    Use the Rename/Ins/Del/Move option (F7 or Edit menu) and select the Grouped file with the new FLATs.

4.    Add FF_START before the the first new FLAT and add FF_END and F_END after the last FLAT you have added. You can use Move to group them together if you like. (FF_START is only required - if - the names are new and did not exist before in the game.)

5.    You can now read the file back in.


B.    Using the F7/Import tool


1.    Select your Target PWAD (the file to receive the FLATs).

2.    Select your new BMPs that are the new FLATs.

3.    Check the FLATS Import Option

4.    Position the right Target lump location where you want to insert the FLATS

5.    Press "Insert Target" if there is no FF_START in the level yet and make the lump name FF_START

6.    Press "Insert Target" if there is no FF_END in the level yet and make the lump name FF_END (right after FF_START).

7.    Press "Insert Target" and add F_END after FF_END for compatibility.

8.    Now put the cursor at the FF_START and click to it hi-lights the Target list box

9.    Press Save All Files and the new FLATs will be inserted after FF_START.




Normally FLATs are 64x 64. For some ports you can make larger FLATs and these will be much bettter looking. It’s real simple to do this with DeePsea. Make your BMPs a multiple of 64x64, for example, 128x128. Then when you import this BMP the FLAT is automatically 64x64. Sizes available are 64x64, 128x128, 256,256, 512,512, 1024x1024 and 2048x2048.






Wintex FLAT notes


If you use Wintex, the entry FF_START is the beginning of the added FLATs and FF_END is the end. The very last entry has to be F_END for DOOM to recognize the new flats. DeePsea also follows this convention when a PWAD is saved or when PWADs are grouped. We’ve noticed that some PWADS are toasted somewhat with many junk lump names inserted. Don’t know if Wintex, Deutex or some other program(s) did this.



Reading in existing PWAD’s with new FLATS and Grouping them with your level


If you are grouping modified FLATs with your level using a PWAD made using DeePsea or Wintex, clear all files first, read in your level, then read in the files you want to group. Make certain that the FLATs PWAD is the last file read! This makes your changes the final one!