key.gifGraphics Editor Keys


The Floating Tool Bar can be docked on the left side by dragging it over the gray bar and dropping it; or toggled with the Tool Window Button, Select any tool by left clicking on the button. The status bar will give a full explanation of each tool when the mouse is over the button,


The Palette Window is accessed by right clicking anywhere within the graphic. A Pop Up Dialog will display the choice of available colors.


Left button = Place a pixel of the current color at that location. Hold the button down and move the mouse to draw



Right button = Select a different color from the palette displayed. The current drawing color is shown on the bottom



Keyboard Keys


If Backspace key is not active and the scroll bars are showing:


Cursor Keys - scroll a zoomed image the same as the scroll bars

PageUp/PageDown and Home/End scroll in a larger increment (vs Cursor Keys)


Backspace = Mouse and Cursor Keys move contents of the image left-right-up-down.

Put the mouse cursor inside the image and press the backspace key. Now when the cursor is moved, the images shifts! Press Backspace again to reset. The cursor keys also move the image and permit precise movement.


Esc - Cancel current graphic.

Tab - Sets current drawing color to color under drawing cursor


Ctrl+C - Make a Copy for instant Undo (1 copy is automatically made at startup)

Ctrl+V - Paste a copy of Select Tool or Imported Image.

Ctrl+Z - Instant Undo, restores to image made with Ctrl+C.


+ - - Zoom in and out

\ * - Shrink Image 1/2 size

; * - Cycle all colors up

: * - Cycle all colors down

[ ] ** - Cycle all colors matching color under cursor up/down

<> * - Rotate image 1 to 359 degrees (some distortion)


A - Save as

B * - Blur Image

C ** - Change all pixels matching color under the cursor to the current active color

D - Dots Drawing Tool ( PEN on Tool Window )

F - Freehand Tool ( PEN on Tool Window )

F - Floodfill (WHEN PASTING) PASTE REGION with active color

I - Import Image PCX or BMP

J - Change all pixels matching color under cursor to random color

L - Line Drawing Tool ( PEN on Tool Window )

N - New Transparent Color (same as pressing Transparent button)

O - Solid Circle draw, press +/- keys to change radius

P - Hollow Circle draw, press +/- keys to change radius

R - Rectangle Tool for cut/paste ( Select on Tool Window )

S - Save

T - Translate Imported BMP/PCXImages (Paste)


X * - Flip X Axis

Y * - Flip Y Axis

Z * - Fuzzy Image



* These also work on the paste buffer.

** The under color is always white.