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Drawing Graphics Tutor


A Quick Tour of Graphics Drawing! You may want to print this section to make it easier to follow the steps. (Refer to Graphics Drawing for reference).


To make a quick drawing just to see if you can, follow the steps below. It appears long because each step is listed, describing each movement.


Set the default directory to save your work using the F5 menu if you haven't done so yet.


Please select Close All files from the File menu to make sure we have no extra files loaded that can interfere with the following steps.


1. From The Edit menu, select GRAPHIC EDITOR.

2. Select Export Lump.

3. Select for DOOM/2 : AG128_1 (SHAWN2)


HEXEN : W_051 (DOOR51)


4. Select Save as .wad

Briefly, the textures in the games are made up of patches. These Lump names are the actual raw graphic name. The actual texture name is something else. The actual texture name is shown on the right above. For example, SHAWN2 is really made up from the lump name AG128_1.


You can have more than one lump name. A single name is chosen for simplicity. Use the Texture Name Edit command (under Edit) to see how it looks and also to get more information.


Press enter and let keep the default file name shown. The name is the Lump you just selected with .WAD added. For DOOM the name is AG128_1.WAD


5. For New Lump Name again keep the default name shown. For DOOM, it's AG128_1.


6. Exit and then select Open Texture / Flat and select the file you have just saved.


7. Now select DRAWing and left click on the only name displayed. For DOOM that is AG128_1.


8. Select Edit


9. Press the - key to make it smaller and press the + key to make it bigger again.


10. Move the cursor inside of the texture displayed. Noticed that the mouse changes to a pencil. This signifies that you can now draw.


11. Press the Left mouse button and move around. You should be leaving colored trails. Experiment a bit.


12. Press the Undo button on the left side of the screen (or U on the keyboard). See how you can undo pixel by pixel what you drew. Try to sign your name. This takes some practice, but I think you can do it.


13. Click on the Right mouse button. A color palette pops up.


14. Select a color, how about Blue?


15. Click on the Lines on the left (stands for line drawing).


16. Press the Left mouse button again and move around inside the graphic. This draws straight lines as you can see!


17. Draw some lines. Change colors if you like.


18. Now, press the button on the upper left side of screen. The one with a rectangle.


19. Move to the upper right of the graphic, press the left mouse button (hold it down) and move. Make a small rectangle (about thumb height and about 2 thumbs wide).


20. Now release the left mouse button.


21. Move the mouse around and notice that the area you cut moves with you. This is now in the paste buffer and stays in the paste buffer until you replace it with a new cut.


22. Go about 1/3 down the graphic and press the left mouse button. Notice that the area from the paste buffer is placed where you left clicked.


Try to make a bar from left to right by left clicking each time. If you misalign, press Undo.


23. Go 1/3 up from the bottom and repeat.


24. On the left side there are 2 buttons. One says Save and the other says Save As.


If you click Save, the modified image is saved over on top of the existing file. That's the file AG128_1.WAD for DOOM. Note: if you drew any new transparent areas or drew on top of a transparent area, you can only use Save As since the texture has to be recalculated (see Graphic Drawing).


If you click Save As and you save your work in a brand new file, the existing file is NOT changed.


a. You are prompted for a filename. Call it AG128B.WAD. This name can be the same as the current name IF that is the only Lump in the file. any name you are using. This new file automatically replaces the prior file since there is only one lump name and you kept the lump name the same.


b. The next prompt asks for the Graphic LumpName. Keep it the same for now.


25. That's it!


How to display your new texture


DeePsea should now automatically display your modified texture SHAWN2 (if you kept the lump name the same). If you have used the Close command to clear all the files and want to use this patch again, all you need to do is Open the texture PWAD under File. Now this texture stays around until you get rid of it. So select Close files to have DeePsea no longer display you new texture.


There are two ways to use you new texture in a level and have DOOM (or any of the others) display it.


How to use your new textures when Testing a Level


1. Select Test All Levels.


2. Select Save and Group Files under the file menu. Say Yes to "Include non-level data" (that's the new graphics). After you do that, Open this new grouped file. Now when you save the file, the new graphic(s) is automatically saved each time. You can eliminate the prompt by selecting Group Save in the Alt+f5 menu option.


Command Prompt Testing Note


If you play DOOM via the command prompt, enter the new texture file after the regular level file name.


For example: DOOM -file yourlvl.WAD AG128_1.WAD


More Advanced Texture Graphics


Refer to Texture Name Edit (Edit menu) for creating your own texture names and patches.