trash02b.gifGraphics - Convert Textures between Games


Texture Conversion between games (in the Edit/Graphics Menu)


This feature takes the textures (sprites and any other graphic stored in texture format) or floor and ceiling FLATs from one game and maps the colors to the current game. The files to convert are read in using the Open PWAD command under File or in the Graphics Editor.


This means that you can use the textures for DOOM in HEXEN, the texture for STRIFE in DOOM and so on. DeePsea does also allows you to add new texture names using Texture Name Edit in the Edit menu.


You can replace the texture in one game as discussed under Texture Exporting and Export Lump to a PWAD. Use either of these commands to create texture files that you want to convert.


To convert textures:


1. Open the file(s).

2. Select the Graphics Menu

3. Select Convert Textures or Convert Flats (depends on what the graphics are)

4. Tell DeePsea the type of game this texture came from.

5. The texture as first displayed is already converted (see AutoCVT below).


Next there are 5 options available:


1. Convert - click on this button to convert the texture displayed to your current game. The colors change to match. If the colors are incorrect, the textures are not from the game you selected or you have already converted it. You do not need Convert if AutoCVT is active (see below). Turn AutoCVT off to browse faster and then press this button to convert.


2. Save - saves the current texture back into the file you opened **WARNING** this overwrites the file.


3. SaveAs - saves the current texture into a new file.


yourname.WAD is any valid file name and will be overwritten if it exists. You cannot use the same name as any PWAD you have read already.


newName is the name to give the directory entry. This is a way rename a lump to match a lump name in you current game. This replaces the texture if you then read the new file back in.


4. SaveAll- converts and saves ALL the texture back into the file you opened **WARNING** this overwrites the file.


You can make a backup before DeePsea proceeds. You are prompted for each external file present. When you are done converting, be sure to exit! You don't want to do it twice!


5. AutoCVT - when this is active, DeePsea automatically converts each texture as you scroll. You do not have to select convert if this is active (this is on by default).


Creating a master file with all the textures


You can create files with all the textures and flats in one game using the Export all Textures and Export all Flats commands in the GRAPHICS Editor.


After you create this file, switch to a new project (different game), read in the texture file you made and then convert.


Note: When you read in the new texture made by the Export all Textures command and you also saved the TEXTURE and PNAMES lumps (see Export), you are replacing the current TEXTURE and PNAMES lumps with the names that belong to the other game.


This means that all the names are now changed to the other game name and that the defaults no longer exist. So ignore the missing default message and be SURE to not build a level with this file still loaded. Use Close All Files to get the standard textures back.


The same comment applies to the Flats.


It is best not to have any other files loaded when you do this (or only other texture files) so DeePsea does not misinterpret data as graphics when it is not (program might hang).


The resulting textures will now be displayed with the correct colors. Remember, some colors are missing between the different games, so some conversions are not as good as others.