sun.gifGraphics - Importing BMP & PCX images


Importing BMP, PCX or LMP Graphics


BMP, PCX and raw LMP images can be directly imported by DeeP. The image read is automatically placed into the ADD drawing paste buffer.


The size of the image can exceed the size of the texture you are changing or it can be smaller.


If the image is larger than the texture, only the amount you place to cover the existing texture is pasted. (Holes are never filled, see drawing help.)


If the image is smaller than the texture, you can paste multiple times or make a quilt from many different images.


Note: The current magnification used to display the graphic is also used to scale the imported graphic. If you switch to a new graphic, make sure the magnification matches the setting when the graphic was imported.


BMP and PCX files are translated to match the current palette. LMP files are in whatever form they were created. Press T or press the Auto ConvertBMP check box to toggle palette translation.


If the palette does not match the current game, the colors may not display accurately. Try to use images created using the palette of the current game. You can also touch up any spots by hand of course.


Note : Please see ColorMatching for controlling the palette matching process.