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Edit Thing


The box labeled Clear/Set Skills controls how the flags are changed. If you don't understand what follows right now, just don't change that box, OK?


If the Clear/Set Skills box is OFF (not checked), ALL the selected Things are set to the flag values shown on the screen. What you see is what you get.


If the Clear/Set Skills Flag box is ON (checked), the way the flags are changed depends on the text color next to the box for each flag. Click on the TEXT to change the color. The text cycles through 3 colors:


BLACK = No change. Original state of flag on entry. Leaving it in this state does NOT change this setting anywhere.


RED = Set Flag. This flag position is set in ALL the Things selected. All the other flags in the Things are not changed.


BLUE = Clear Flag. This flag position is cleared in ALL the Things selected. All the other flags in the Things are not changed.


Hexen Appears flags can also be changed in Clear/Set Skill mode.


Just pay attention to COLORS.



The initial direction or orientation of the object. You can also use the b< > keys in Thing mode to quickly change object(s) direction.



Sets the skill level for when objects will appear. You can make it harder (for hard levels of course) and reduce the difficulty for the beginners by reducing the number of monsters and increase the weapons.


Make monsters deaf so you can sneak up on them!


Levels designed for death match can also have different things.


HEXEN Appears

For HEXEN only, sets the player class and type of game for which the object will appear. Refer to the file HEXSPECS.DOC for more details.





Single Player




Legacy Height

For the DOOM format LEGACY levels, allow you to enter a height value (0 to 511) in the Thing Height field. Please see the Legacy docs for implementation details. Only the latest version supports this feature.


Thing Height

For HEXEN only, this sets the initial height a Thing is above the floor when the game starts. For some objects, gravity will make them fall for others they float higher.


Thing PolyId

The PolyId number refers to polyobjects. Like a tag this connects the 3000/3001/ and 3002 items together. Only Poly objects activate this option.



If you turn on NET, the thing will only appear on NETWORKED games! So do not click this box if you want the thing to be there in a regular game (not HEXEN).


Clear/Set Skills

When this entry is active, the skill of all the Things are set as described above.


Change All Angles

When this entry is active, the angle of all the Things selected is changed. If Clear/Set Skills is active, only the angle of the current Thing can be changed.


When not active, the angle of only one Thing is changed.


Use this as a safety feature so you don't accidentally change all of the selected objects.


Change Type

Select the type of thing, monster, player, decorations, etc.


Raw Flags

The main purpose for this option is to permit you to change new flags that may be invented for evolving ports. The value displayed is the value of the flags normally set by the check boxes. Changing the flags here overrides any other changes in this dialog box. The check box flags are ignored if a value is entered, including the existing value.


If you change the flag and change your mind, press the flag button again and then press the cancel button. After you press cancel, the change will be ignored and now the check box flags again function. Check a value in the check box to use the check box values.