dome.gifEdit Sector - Type and Tag



Describe how the sector behaves. Here's where you can set the Secret attribute.



Select a Ceiling Texture.


Floor Texture

Select a Floor Texture.


InterActive Browsers


Press Browse when in the Texture or selection box to bring up a display of all the textures. You can also left mouse click inside the texture display window area to start browsing. Displays as many textures on the screen as will fit as determined by your video resolution and magnification selected.


You interactively select the texture by left mouse clicking or using the cursor keys to move around.

See Browsing Commands for mouse and keyboard browser control.


Light Level

Determines how much light there is. 0 is dark, 255 is full on.


Ceil/Floor Height

Set the both the ceiling height and the floor height at the same time. Usually from -512 to 512.

The maximum distance between the floor and ceiling is 1023 for the older DOOM.

Use the PageUp and PageDown keys to automatically increase or decrease the values shown. The amount of each change is set in F5 texture defaults.


Ceiling Height

Set only the ceiling height.


When you are changing many sectors, this lets you change all the selected ceiling height but leave the floors the same.


See above for PageUp/PageDown keys.


Floor Height

Set only the floor height.


When you are changing many sectors, this lets you change the all the selected floor height but leave the ceilings the same.


See above for PageUp/PageDown keys.


LineDef Tag

This ties the sector (and how it behaves) to a LineDef with the same Tag number. A number here, implies a LineDef with the same number.


DOOM will crash if you forget to tie the Tags together!


In Sector mode, the Tagged LineDef is Red and in LineDef mode the Tagged Sector is Red.


Note: Use the Ctrl+T command to automatically assign new Tag numbers and connect them with the correct Sector.



Select 2 or more Sectors or LineDefs and all of the last selected objectís attributes are copied to all other selected objects. All the selected Sectors end up having the same textures, heights and lighting.


External Only

List only only textures defined in external PWADS (not the IWAD). This makes creating total conversions much faster.