eye.gifBrowsing Commands


The following keys control the full screen interactive browsers:


Mouse Buttons


Left button - Select texture

Right button - Exit browser

Middle button - Press once and go to the top of the list. Press again to go to the bottom.

Wheel - Rotate the wheel to browse through the list.


Keyboard Keys


+, - - Change display size

Esc - Cancel/Exit

Home - Start with first texture.

End - Start with last set of textures

PageUp/Down - Page display up/down

Cursor keys - Position select

Enter - Select texture

AnyCharacter - Any other character

Any character starts the list with the name that is closest to the character entered. For example, if you key in a G, textures whose names start with G come first. If no match is found, the closest one starts the list.


Browser Tool Bar


The Browser tool bar also provides basic positioning and entry size with the objects displayed. Press one of the buttons displayed and see what happens!


Mag - Check this box to enlarge all textures to the maximum space available (not all browsers)

editname - Enter the name you are looking for and the browse display will update accordingly

Name - Check this box if you want the browser to fill in the name of the current entry.

Extrn - Check this box (if enabled) if you want to limit the display to only external textures (not in IWAD).


Browsing Window Resizing


You can resize any browser window by moving the cursor to the edges of the window. When the resizing handles come up, left click and drag to the desired size. Press the maximize button for full screen. The size and position are saved. If you change screen resolutions, all the browser windows are reset the the defaults.