wrench.gifAutomatic FLAT Texture Conversion


This tool converts any FLAT lumps into DOOM graphics, a PNAMES entry and a TEXTUREx name in one step. For example, you can take any FLAT and also make it into a texture just by click on the name and saving. The names cannot already be a PNAMES or a TEXTUREx name.


There are 3 lists:


1. The first list contains all the FLAT lumps not yet in PNAMES that you can make into PNAMES and TEXTUREs.


2. The second list contains all the lumps that will be made into PNAMES entries. ADD to List2 by selecting from List1. The standard multi-selection Window selection rules apply. Hold down the Shift key and press the up-down cursor or press the left mouse button to select consecutive entries. You can also hold down the Ctrl key and then left click to randomly add any entry.


3. The third list contains all the lumps that will be made into TEXTURE1 entries. Add to List3 by clicking on a name in the List2 (if Auto Textures was not enabled see below).


Delete entries in List2 and List3 by double clicking on a name. Entries in List3 are automatically deleted if a List2 entry is deleted.


Deselecting in List1, deletes both List2 and List3. Pressing clear works too!.



Prefix Character to Add to Flats

This character is required to make the new lump names unique and different from the existing Flat names. You can change the character BEFORE you start. If a generated name is longer than 8 characters the first character of the name is also dropped.

External Files Only

Only graphic lumps that are found in external files already loaded are selected.

Preview Image

The contents of the lumps are shown

Auto Textures

All Names selected from the first list are put into the second and third lists.

Sort List1

The first list is sorted

Output Size

The FLATS can be made into 3 texture sizes.

1x makes the FLAT into a 64x64 graphic and 64x64 texture

2x expands the FLAT into a 128x128 graphic and a 128x128 texture (normally not used)

64x128 makes the FLAT into a 64x64 graphic, but the texture is 64x128 (2 entries)

128x128 make the FLAT into a 64x64 graphic, but the texture is 128x128 (4 entries).


Button Commands


Select All

All the entries in the first list are added to the second list and optionally the third list.

Clear Selections

All the entries are cleared


The names in the second list are added to PNAMES. The names in the third list are added to TEXTURE1. The file name you select will contain the new TEXTUREx and PNAMES lumps.


The new TEXTURE1, TEXTURE2, PNAMES and any new PATCHES are added to the file. If this is an existing file, the new information is merged with the file. Normally you select your loaded level so all the new texture information is available for you to use.


You can also use the File- Group tool or the F7 Import tool to combine this PWAD with the PWAD of your choice.