wrench.gifAutomatic BMP to Texture conversion


This tool converts any BMP/PCX images into a DOOM graphics, a PNAMES entry and a TEXTUREx name in one step. For example, you can take your windows desktop wall paper and make it into a TEXTUREx name. The names cannot already be a PNAMES or a TEXTUREx name.


There are 3 lists:


1. The first list contains all the BMP files that you can make into PNAMES and TEXTUREs.

2. The second list contains all the name chosen for the lumps and PNAMES entries.

3. The third list contains all the names that will be made chosen for the TEXTURE1 entries.


The standard multi-selection Window selection rules apply in the Open Dialog. Hold down the Shift key and press the up-down cursor or press the left mouse button to select consecutive Files. You can also hold down the Ctrl key and then left click to randomly add any Files.




Preview Image

The contents of the lumps are shown

Sort Textures

The first texture names are sorted


All file Names read are put into the second and third lists.


Button Commands



The names in the second list are converted to DOOM graphic format lumps and are added as entries to PNAMES. The names in the third list are added to TEXTURE1. The file name you select will contain the new TEXTUREx and PNAMES lumps.


The new TEXTURE1, TEXTURE2, PNAMES and any new PATCHES are added to the file. If this is an existing file, the new information is merged with the file. Normally you select your loaded level so all the new texture information is available for you to use.


You can also use the File- Group tool or the F7 Import tool to combine this PWAD with the PWAD of your choice.

Add Files

Brings up an Open Dialog box from which to select BMP or PCX files. You can select multiple files at the same time.

Delete File

Delete the highlighted file and corresponding entries in the second and third lists.

Clear Files

All the entries are cleared


BMP Size Options

Select the maximum and minimum size you want in the conversion. This depends on the port you are using. Not all ports behave the same way. You will get warning messages for sizes exceeding 512 and 128 because most ports do not properly support those yet.

Rename Pname

You can choose a different PNAMES entry name if there is a conflict or just because you want to.

Rename Texture

You can choose a different TEXTURE entry name if there is a conflict or just because you want to.