snow.gifUnGroup data from a Grouped PWAD


UnGroup File Information


UNGROUP is used to make a PWAD containing only all extra data such as graphics, sounds, demos, etc -or- only all level data. The contents of all files read is merged together. If a lump name appears in more than one PWAD, the last file overrides and only one copy of the lump name is copied!


Use the GROUP command to combine ALL data into one PWAD.

Use the EXPORT command to extract individual lumps for any PWAD.


Reply Y to include only levels and N to include only any extra graphics, sounds, etc.


The Registered version can group up to 99 files at once (the shareware version does 5). If you exceed the file limit of 99. There are two solutions. One is to read in 99 files, group them into a new file, read this new file and then add 98 more, etc. The second is to use the File Import feature. Refer to Import Dialog Lump


Caution : DeePsea adds additional information when you Export All Flats/Textures/Sprites. Similarly Wintex adds additional information to PWADS for retaining the location of modified data. So if you combine multiple PWADS with the same control information or duplicate DOOM game control information, the last file’s control data is copied. For FLATS, this is FF_START, FF_END , F_END. For Sprites, this is S_START and S_END, for Textures, the names TEXTURE1, TEXTURE2 and PNAMES have special meaning. Examine the PWADS using the File open browser and you can see this extra/control information.