trffc16.gifTesting Level Notes


Testing Notes


DOOM does not support long file names. If you have any WADs with a long file name path, you can try Short File Names. If the Short File Name has a ~ in the name, it won't work- a DOOM issue. So with or without a Response file, this is a problem.


ZDOOM does not support long file names in a Response file (nor Short Names with a ~). You may have to save PWADs in a different directory to solve PWAD file name problems.


For ZDOOM, turn ON Short FileNames and Turn OFF the Response File to solve long file name problems. You have a 1024 byte command line limit, so if you test all files, it may not all fit.


Experiment with your port to find the limits. Usually you should not have any problem if you keep all your directory and filenames within the original 8.3 naming conventions.


Response File

When testing, create a response file. DOOM II, HERETIC, HEXEN, STRIFE and DOOM 1.666 and later support this. The default is a response file. Sometimes you may not want a reponse file to solve file name issues as described above. The response file is always created in the directory containing the game IWAD defined for the DeePsea project.


Short FileNames

Sometimes you can get around a long file name problem by having DeePsea convert them to short file names. If the name ends up having a ~, it may not work. The long and short file name versions are shown on the dialog. They will look identical if the PWAD full path is not a long file name.


Quote Response

Puts quotes around the response file name. This only works for Windows aware ports. It is only required if the IWAD path contains a long file name.


Quote FileNames

Puts quotes around each file name. This only works for Windows aware ports. You canít use the response file (as of now) since the parsing does not work correctly with quotes.



This is used only is you have a custom level name that does not follow the original naming conventions. For example, if you have a map name called SPARKY, you would use +MAP SPARKY for ZDOOM. Some ports will work with -warp SPARKY (in which case you wonít need anything special).


EXE name


The executable name can be changed in the Test Dialog box. If you have one of the modified DOOM games, enter that name in the box. It is automatically saved for reuse the next time. The executable normally is in the same directory as the IWAD file for that game, however, some of the ports let you enter -IWAD c:\pathofIWAD (enter this in Test Options).


Itís also possible to add options after the EXE name. This is required for some ports, but works for all. For example, -nosound.


Start In


For most of the DOOM ports (including stock DOOM), this is the directory where the game resides. For some ports, e.g. JDOOM, the directory is the root directory. If JDOOM is in C:\DOOMSDAY\BIN\JDOOM.exe then the "Start In" directory is "C:\DOOMSDAY".


Wait for Game to End


Uncheck this box if you want to switch between the game and editing your level at the same time. Itís highly recommended to play the game at the same resolution as DeePsea to keep window size issues at a minimum.


Press Alt+Tab to switch between the programs active.


It goes without saying that you should have at least 128MB and preferably at least 256MB to do this without problems.


You can not save the file while the game is using the PWAD. End the game first and then you can save your changes.





To use DOOM95.EXE, type DOOM95.exe in the executable box (with the correct path of course). Testing options are set via DOOM95, not the DeePsea parameter option line.


DOS box properties


If you do not want the DOS box active after the game end, edit the DOS PIF Dialog box Properties and click Close on Exit.


Shareware testing


The shareware version tests levels up to around 800 LineDefs.


Things to remember


DOOM, HERETIC, HEXEN, STRIFE and the various ports can thrash your memory, either due to DOOM errors or mistakes in your Level or Hardware problems! Please reboot your system if you notice weird stuff going on!!


We recommend to restart Windows every once in a while to minimize unexpected failures in the games or DeePsea!


Test Options (Adding more test parameters and options)


The parameters -file yourfile.wad -warp xx are automatically created. You may enter up to 200 characters.


Enter or change the testing options to what you normally use. These are saved for the next time.


If you experience testing problems with the original game itís typically a hardware problem such as memory states being too low. This assumes the level you are playing has not problems. Some of the newer ports have glitches here and there that are being resolved.


Type any external PWADs you want added FIRST, followed by your normal test options. The additional PWADS add extra graphics and sounds to your level (do not enter your test level).


For example: (all on one line)


CHOOKV23.WAD CHKSTUFF.WAD -skill 3 -nomonsters


DeePsea can also automatically load all the PWADs you have read in when testing (Ctrl+F1 shortcut).


If you have DOOM and it's 1.666 or later, always use the Response File option. This allows you to bypass the limitation of how much information you can pass to DOOM from DeePsea (and HERETIC, HEXEN or STRIFE).


Upon exit, you return to DeePsea and everything is restarted.


Taking Screen Shots


DOOMx : add -devparm as a test parameter

HERETIC: add -ravpic as a test parameter

HEXEN : add Ėravpic as a test parameter

STRIFE : add Ėdevparm as a test parameter


Now press F1 to created number .PCX screen shots.


Note: DOOM and STRIFE will also display fps dots (fps = 70 / (dots+1)