vilep1.gifQUAKE and HEXEN II Menu


DeePsea lets you explore and extract entries from any of the Quake and Hexen II files described below by selecting the Quake menu option in the File menu.


An overview of QUAKE file support


PAK files


The original QUAKE file is called a PAK file. The shareware version has only PAK0.PAK and the registered version has PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK.


The PAK files contain sounds, graphics, models, textures, maps, and more. All that's required to play the game.


BSP files


New Quake levels end in .BSP. They are stored in the QUAKE\ID1\MAPS directory. So DEATH.BSP would represent an addon level somone made, similar to the DOOM WAD files. BSP files also contain the textures used by the level, unlike DOOM where the levels contain the names of the textures, but all the textures are stored (normally) in the IWAD.


WAD files


QUAKE WAD files are NOT the same as DOOM WAD files. (They should have chosen a different name..sigh.) Anyway, the QUAKE WAD files contain the textures that are referenced when you create MAP (level) files. Each brush side lists the name of the texture used. QBSP converts the MAP files into BSP files. QBSP finds the texture names in the MAP and copies the textures from the WAD file and puts them in the BSP file.


Quake Menu Choices


Each of the view entries letís you explore the data and export the data. You can see the contents in hex (except for WADs), create a file containing the lump, print the entry in HEX, view any of the graphics and export any graphic as a PCX or BMP file.


1. Set Sort Name Option

Controls the display for the WAD and PAK viewer only (sorts the names so one can find stuff easier).


2. Quake WAD entries View/Export/Print/Hex

Explore a WAD file


3. Quake PAK entries View/Export/Print/Hex

Explore a PAK file


4. Quake BSP entries View/Export/Print/Hex

Explore a BSP file.


NOTE : The texture is exported at the current MIP size active. This could be useful in the future if custom mip textures are desired, overriding any programmed anti-aliasing.


Texture Browser

Press Browse to bring up a display of all the textures. You can also left mouse click inside the texture display window area to start browsing. The same keyboard commands apply as for the other browsers


You interactively select the texture by left mouse clicking or using the cursor keys to move around.



Press the Backspace key to toggle the background from Black to White. See which one you like. Also handy for taking screenshots.