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What's a Project Name?


Different Games are selected using the PROJECT concept. When you installed DeeP, seven default projects were created representing the games. Be sure to use the correct Project for the type of game you are editing.


These are the predefined project names:






DOOM (original or Ultimate)




DOOM2 (using BOOM engine)


DOOM2 (using ZDOOM engine)


DOOM2 (using ZDOOM engine in HEXEN mode)


HERETIC (using ZDOOM engine in HEXEN mode)
















Make CHEX.PRJ for the CHEX game as described below.


You switch from one game to another by reading in a new project. The first time a project is used, you are asked for the IWAD location if required. You can make up your own project names later!


Select Choose Game Project under the File Menu to switch to existing projects. In the beginning you DO NOT need to define any projects, read in one of the projects displayed in the open dialog box. The BOOM and ZDOOM projects have special F5 options automatically enabled (OPT and BOOM/ZDOOM support).


Create a Project Name


You create a project by selecting a name different from the one currently displayed in the F5 option menu.


If you enter a name different from the one currently in use, all your current defaults are stored in the new Project name. This enables you to track special information and setting for the level.


If you have a game that is similar to one, but has a different IWAD, make a new project. Ultimate DOOM is an example. If you have both DOOM and Ultimate DOOM, you can start with the DOOM1.PRJ project and save it as ULTIMATE.PRJ. Then change the IWAD file name and location in the ULTIMATE.PRJ project to reflect the correct path.


For individual level(s) it stores all the files associated with the project as described below. A project contains the following:


1. The Name of the IWAD file.


It's recommended to read the default PRJ name, such as HERETIC.PRJ matching the type of GAME file and then change the name. Doing it this way automatically sets the correct color and texture defaults.


If you select a HERETIC IWAD for a DOOM Project, all the colors and texture defaults will be wrong!


To fix this, either set them all manually, or delete the project and start over.


Use (#5) on the option screen to set the IWAD name.


2. The default Texture Group Name


This name contains all the default textures. You can create multiple Texture Group Names using the Set Texture Group option on the F5 menu.


You switch between different defaults by selecting Read Texture Group under the alt+F files menu. If you switch IWAD files from DOOM to HERETIC or HEXEN, be sure to set the default textures. Use the F5 menu to set the texture defaults.


3. The Default Path for reading/saving files Use #7 on the screen to set the Path.


4. All the files you want to work with at the same time.


Each file currently read is saved for the project. Close any file(s) in a project using the Close commands under File.


CHEX Project Name


The CHEX cereal game is DOOM1. Select the DOOM1 project and then create a new project names CHEX.PRJ. The CHEX2.WAD is an addon to the CHEX game. It does not have enough information for an IWAD.


The CHEX.WAD can also be played as an addon PWAD for DOOM in FDOOM95!


The registered version of DeePsea can test addon levels for CHEX instantly!