length.gifLinedef Attributes


The different settings control whether the linedef can be crossed and how/when it appears on the map. They also control the method of displaying textures.





Neither players nor enemies can cross.

Block Enemies

Only Enemies cannot cross.

Two Sided

The linedef has 2 sides

Upper Unpegged

The texture is rendered top down instead of bottom up.

Lower Unpegged

The main and below textures are rendered bottom up instead of top down.


The linedef will not appear on the player’s map in red. This protects secret doors and other hidden features. It has nothing to do with the secret sectors.

Block Sound

Sound will be blocked by the second linedef of this type encountered. This can be used to facilitate ambush situations and the like.

Never On Map

The linedef never appears on the player’s map — even with the map power-up.

Always On Map

When the level is started, the linedef will be on the player’s map before the player has seen it.

Use Works Thru

BOOM only (see BOOM docs)








Designates whether a linedef type (if any) is repeatable? In DOOM, only some types were repeatable, HEXEN let’s you decide.

Activated When

Activated as noted by Players, Monsters and Projectiles

Activated Monster+Play

Activated by both Monsters and Players

Blocks Everything

Blocks everything (including missiles)

Player Pass Thru

ZDOOM only (see ZDOOM docs)