ctrusa.gifPrinting Maps


Prints any size map. The map printed is exactly the same as currently displayed on the screen for any resolution.


Use Print Setup to print in portrait or landspace mode. Landscape is normally better for printing maps.


Change the print density with the Print Darkness option. The thickness of the lines printed also depends on your printerís resolutions. Higher resolutions printer finer. Note, though, that darker maps takes less memory, so if you have a memory problem, try printing a darker map. Itís also possible that DeePsea may exceed Windows graphic limits if the printing is too light combined with a large zoom. Never had that happen, but you may get a program exception if this occurs.


You can zoom and get the zoomed MAP print. Use the Zoom-to-Window to get the exact section printed! (Hold the left button down and start drawing the selection box around the area. Then while still pressing the left mouse button, press Z.)


All maps print the level as shown on the screen with three variations. Each type is automatically selected by the edit mode (Things, LineDefs, Sectors). If a grid is displayed, the grid is printed in the mode selected (solid or dashed).


Thing mode

Things are shown as displayed on the screen. If a graphical display of things is selected then the graphics print too! Not tested for color!


LineDef mode

Sector mode

Vertex mode

Each of these modes, prints as shown on the screen. Two-sided LineDefs print slightly darker.


Grid Lines

If the grid is turned on, it is superimposed over the map at the grid size active.


There is a minimum grid size determined by the current scale. This is to prevent printer memory problems and to keep the map readable. If your printer gets a memory full error, please increase the grid size. Printing to a file and then letting another program print it can solve some memory problems. Be aware, however, that some print drivers print huge files!