vilep1.gifGraphics - Sprite Edit (Changing Sprite Offsets)


Sprite Name Edit

This is an easy to use tool to set Sprite and ZDOOM IMGZ (crosshair) offsets. It can also read any PWAD with graphics and browse ALL of the DOOM graphic format lumps at once (not for Flats).


Sprite Options


Auto Apply

Every time you make a X or Y offset change, the new value is automatically updated (you still need to save it though).

Auto Magnify

For small images, this automatically magnifies them so you can see them easier.

Check for Duplicates

Checks for duplicated lump names. Sprites should never have duplicated names. This tool selects all possible graphics which means that it also includes textures. Although you can have duplicated names, this is NOT a good idea and can lead to much confusion.


Use this tool to modified the sprites or just mess around. Use the GRAPHICS EDITOR drawing or BMP to PWAD options to modify the sprite graphics. This option works only on a separate file containing sprite graphics. It does NOT modify the IWAD. Use the Export All Sprites option in the GRAPHICS EDITOR to instantly create a file containing all the sprites. Then open this when you select the Sprite editing feature of DeePsea.


For ease of coding all the game varients, all sprites with negative offsets are assumed to be Weapons. If itís not, thatís not a problem, just ignore the display when it compensates for the location.


When selected, all the sprites are shown in the same order as they exist in the file. To see them in alphabetical order, click on the Sprite Browse button or click on the picture displayed. To select a sprite in the browser, Double click on the sprite.


Either type in a new X or Y offset or use the scroll buttons. If you did not check Auto Apply you need to press Apply to save your changes, otherwise nothing is saved! This makes it easy to play around. Just remember to press Apply to save your each Sprite change if you do not check Auto Apply.


To use your modified sprites, either group them with your level or add this file to the -FILE command when you load the game.


See Graphics topics in the Help index for more information.


Maximizing the Display Window


Press the dialogs Maximize button (upper right) and the dialog expands full screen, making large sprites easier to manage.