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The list below includes information of different DOOM ports and links to various sites with updated news and information.

I'm not in the business of rating web sites, but every site here is definitely worth looking at. Please email me with link corrections or other suggestions.

DOOM Ports


TeamTNT makes BOOM, a modified version of the DOOM engine. BOOM contains dozens of special effects level designers will love. It eliminates dozens of limitations in the original DOOM, including VisPlane overflows. Any serious level designer should visit this site. If you're an avid DOOM player, download BOOM to play the great new levels!


Includes the same fixes made in BOOM, plus support for higher resolutions than 320x200. It also has look up, look down, and jump features added, adding a whole new dimension to old DOOM levels!


One of the most popular ports, Legacy also has of great features for DOOM.


Win32 (DirectX 7) alpha version of this Enhanced Doom Gaming Engine. Visit this site for the latest news and downloads.


A OPENGL port of ZDOOM. Visit this site for the latest news and downloads.
Other Sites

o DOOM WAD Station

The DOOM WAD station features several collections of DOOM2 levels. Check it out!

o DOOMWorld

DOOMWorld contains daily updated information from the DOOM world, including the latest updates on DOOM ports and major WAD projects. It also has useful editing guides and a ton of useful links to other sites.  Has a Forum section where you can post questions.

o DOOMWorld Files

DOOMWorld  /idgames Archive database on Doomworld. Since 1993, /idgames has been the center for all your Doom-related files, as it continues to be to this day. 


Like DOOMWorld, contains information on different DOOM projects and other items of interest. Has a Forum section where you can post questions.

Newsgroups & FAQs

o Usenet groups Doom.editing

o Official Doom FAQ