DeePsea and DeeP Screen Shots

On this web page are several screen shots from DeePsea  for a quick look at why it's rated the #1 DOOM editor. The DeePsea images are 1024 x 768 -  800x600x256 is the suggested minimum resolution for less scrolling.  Click on the DeeP link below to see DeeP screen shots.

The screen shots give you an idea of the features in DeePsea's interface that separate it from ANY other editor. To really see what DeePsea looks like in action, please click the Downloads link on the left or below and see for yourself.

A link for a quick look at the cool prefab tools in DeePsea:

DeePsea Prefab Tools (create predefined objects, yet still have total control)

A link showing the prefab tool's interactive nature:

DeePsea Prefab Drawing (interactively place and size the prefabs where you want them)

Sample shots of the customizable ToolBars:

DeePsea Custom ToolBars (create your own - from commands to graphics)

Sample shots of the Palette Editor:

DeePsea Palette Editor (easily customize the DOOM palette)

Another link for a peek at the incredible DeePsea WAD manipulation and Texture Tool. Say goodbye to Wintex and ALL other WAD tools:

DeePsea Wad Manipulation Tools (replaces Wintex and a whole lot more)

A link to DeeP Screen Shots:

DeeP Screen Shots

Powerful Linedef/Sidedef editing tools allow for quick and convenient editing.

Quickly browse all the textures just by clicking on a texture. Supports ALL the ZDOOM and BOOM flags!

You have a choice of TWO dialog styles - pick the one you like best.

NO other editor supports these flags directly.

Powerful Sector editing features native support for BOOM and ZDOOM flags. Again, NO other editor supports these flags directly.

Crystal clear dialogs and convenient browsing - just click on the texture displayed (not here of course)

DeePsea's sector editing menu lets you create the sector type you want with ease.

Thing editing

Another unique feature in DeePsea is smart thing editing. When you choose a thing and put in on the map, DeePsea remembers what thing you chose automatically. That means when you start editing a different thing, DeePsea will move the mouse to the correct submenu position to select the new thing.

Options Galore (press F5 to access these options)

Various configuration options to let you match the DOOM port and your specific preferences. Each tab has another set of options where you can control the category indicated.  For an efficient way to see all of these, please download DeePsea.


The file open dialog give a clear preview of the contents of any PWAD. This particular shot shows MAP29, but sounds and textures are also previewed ahead of time.  Select the level you want to see, and there it is. Now press the open button and begin editing.  How easy can it get?

The right side shows the Map browser (the blue map is from an external file). Obviously both of these save you a lot of hassle finding resources.

Power Tools

DeeP's powerful drawing tools offer you a feature no other editor can, you can draw on ANYTHING! Draw on flats, textures, things, or anything else you want using DeeP's drawing tools. Sign your name on the walls. Write "DeeP is the best!" on every texture:) 

And as you can see below there are other specialized WAD and TEXTURE tools to make it easy for everyone - from beginner to "hardcore" editor.


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