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International PayPal accounts have a confirmation security requirement. After you have verified your account, come back to this page and use your verified PayPal account to order DeePsea.

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Please make certain you can receive a 1.2 MB attachment

EMAIL delivery is the EXE file only (1 day delivery, except when we are out of town - please email us to find out)

No shipment is possible to "free" accounts like HOTMAIL

You MUST have a verified valid shipping address

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Email delivery of registered program



If the above links do not work in your browser you can still order DeePsea using PayPal. 

1. Log onto PayPal (create an account if you haven't done so)
2. Select as the PayPal email id to receive payment
3. Enter Vermeulen as the recipient last name
4. Enter the DeePsea item description ordered
5. Enter the DeePsea cost (as shown above)
6. Enter the shipping cost (as shown above)

Please email us if you have any questions.

You can also call us at 425-827-8794 with order questions

(Any day from 8 AM-8 PM Pacific time (-8:00 GMT))