clip02.gifHardware/Software Requirements


Real vs Virtual Memory


DeePsea requires at least 512mb of memory. If you have less than 512mb, we recommend that you close ALL other tasks, remove all startup programs (using MSCONFIG for Windows98) and make as much memory available for DeePsea as possible. If you do not have enough physical memory, Windows will use virtual memory, which uses a disk swap file for paging out unused memory, thus freeing real memory. However, some functions require real memory and virtual memory just won’t do. 512mb is strongly recommended for proper Windows98 operation. The DeePsea About dialog box displays your physical and virtual memory settings. XP users should have at least 1GB, Vista and Windows 7 at least 2 GB. For 3D Mode, a video card with support for GL is required.


DeePsea does NOT work correctly with the original unpatched version of Windows 95.


Make sure you have applied any patches to Windows 95/98/2000, especially if you are running the original version. Right click on My Computer, then select properties. If the number is 4.00.950 you need get service patch 1! If it is 4.00.950a you have the patch applied. If it says 4.00.950b you have OSR2 and are in great shape. Window 98 of course has higher numbers yet.


Note: We have noticed that not having enough memory makes Windows 95/98/2000 behave in strange ways!


Virtual memory is -much- slower when paging occurs. If you have a lot of disk activity, your system is using virtual memory. Believe me you'll be able to tell. So although this allows DeePsea to run more memory is recommended for better performance.


Desktop Style


DeePsea’s Popup menus and dialogs were designed using small fonts (MS Sans Serif, size 8) on the Desktop. If you reconfigure the Desktop using a different font, that font will also appear on DeePsea’s menus. We do NOT suggest using a LARGE font, since that also expands other areas. You may need to use the F5 option to adjust your popup dialogs so they track correctly. Usually this is not required since DeePsea should have the correct popup size after the first popup. Meaning, it might be off the first time a popup appears, but then will be configured correctly the next time. If you change the Desktop, DeePsea will automatically reconfigure for the correct size.